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Ding Dong the psyops dead.


So with operation convid19 officially ended , having driven people mad with fear, off the media go again obsessively compulsively back into the crazy “man made” climate change meme. The narrative of guilt, sin and fear. So I thought you may appreciate the relative truth bursting out (unexpectedly) in this interview below . I found the facts delivered firmly, without being moved by the interviewer’s propaganda and drama, amusing.

In this upside down world it seems you cant mention science, or the fact the sun is a lead climate driver and man (his small emissions of co2) does not change the climate . Heaven forbid if you mention in the mainstream the fact that the climate has always been in a state of change. Least you interfere with the “man made climate change psyop” of the Central Bankster’s (based on guilt) .Done for their agenda #1 Maintaining mind control through fear and ignorance, growing people’s debt in the ponzi scheme thus their wealth , Green hedge funds and the new Carbon trading industry.

(Please note RT media is one of the many fear selling controlled opposition media sites, “they’re on the gravy train” ) and I’m not supporting this Piers Corbyn character as he is marketing and promoting his own personal weather forecasting(doom) and has promoted violence that would only serve the establishment . There is also the dubiously omitted oceans as climate drivers and the earth is a living being . The interconnected awareness , intelligence within all, the one consciousness.

Duncan James66 @James66DuncanClimate change interview Conundrum Interviewer “hang on… excuse me… just a minute… your saying this (heatwave) is not caused by man?” Piers Corbyn “No, nothing to do with it.

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Do not let the media’s fear narrative rustle your peace of mind.

Stay grounded in the Reality that is within you that is beyond this world.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
― Rumi


4 thoughts on “Ding Dong the psyops dead.

  1. The CO2 in the air also comes out after the burner. But there is also an amount of CO2 in the fuel… THE REAL PROBLEM = NOx. This is created during high temperature burning and creates a cancerous blancket over Europe. And i have designed many low NOx burners..

    • The real problem is human unconsciousness.
      This creates pollution, inner pollution leading to outer pollution. No seen connection or love for the earth or for life.
      A death cult es$entially.
      Co2 isn’t pollution or a problem.
      There is no such thing as ” man made climate change”.

  2. I don’t see how climate change can be discussed without mentioning the extensive weather modification efforts that have been going on for decades. (See Geoengineering Watch dot org)

    I’m also challenged when pondering carbon dioxide and its “greenhouse effect” on air clinging to a giant ball surrounded by an infinite vacuum of an unimaginable force never created by man. (High tech science has created maximum 1×10-13 torr in a small, ultra-reinforced enclosed container… space surrounding our unenclosed atmosphere is 1×10-17 torr)

    • The suggestion our constant climate change is caused by man’s C02 emissions is laughable. But apparently not by those that are insane( feeling guilty) and get infected with every one of the media fear memes.

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