Monkey Business

With the mind control programs that come through media to make them effective they must keep the fear levels up. So now we have… Monkey Pox!!!? no wait its comical right? Its a group openly laughing at the gullibility of monkey minds that believe media and trust politicians . These media mind controllers/ illusionists are openly mocking people who buy into the reality of the one narrative with all the identity politics, us vs them, the dialog of the egoic state, fear , separation, covid19 lies… the media metaverse. The totally insane fear based hive mind.

In 2020 a small number of people asked for (what was needed in order to declare a pandemic ) proof of threat . No one who has asked for proof of “sars cov2 “ has been provided with it. The self proclaimed “ authorities “ have been lying to the public . The key error is that when virologists say they isolate “ viruses” they don’t isolate them. They just get a sample of PCR tested dna contaminated rna soup add a few toxins and then use computer programs to Computer generate a fake “ virus” molecule that does not exist. Then they blame it for what is natural in vitro cell death when you add toxins. The 1861 Germ theory was incorrect.

Viruses” have no reality.

There is no proof of viruses, there is no scientific proof of any diseases that are caused by “ viruses”. The 1861 Germ theory was another consensus theory , an abomination that infected the hive mind through propaganda and fear .

Renaming skin rashes previously labelled : mobile phone dermatitis , bacterial rash, fungal rash, hives, psoriasis, eczema or the effects of 5G, the “Monkey Pox”.

is “the pox” being used as a 5G effect coverup. With the untested rollout of 5G when in the interaction of microwave radiation and human beings, the skin is just an absorbing sponge stratum filled with water.

Essentially Monkey pox is the perfect name for a new fake disease, someone who is stricken with the monkey mind.


2 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. Lynn Settle says:

    At some point the number of people waking up will reach a tipping point. The globalists will have to instruct their govt/media/establishment proxies to quit lying and pretending because… well, it will all become pointless. Then what’ll they do? Full on martial law? Fill up all those camps they’ve prepared? Mass executions?

    But maybe we won’t get to that point. After all, there’s still plenty of gullible monkey minds out there who may never see the light, regardless of how bright it gets.

    • Hi Lynn
      Awareness is key. yeah there is only a reason for them to lie while there are still some believers.
      I feel we reached tipping point on the convid (the love filled Freedom marches)they quickly changed peoples attention to focus to a Twitter war(fear=nuclear threat, recession). With a media metaverse that is mostly input is from bots it does not reflect the majority’s beliefs and thoughts just what the CB’s want them to think and feel into manifestation. We cannot get a feel for a reached tipping point from the media. And on a positive note under the gullible monkey mind is the pure stillness and space of being.

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