The operation called “engineered consensus”

The pseudo science used today can also be called “consensus science”.
This is how false ideas such as “Man made global warming” &
“Wall street’s carbon trading game is needed & will save the planet” are spread throughout the population.

Yet there is no such thing as “man made global warming” and a carbon tax would lead to starvation and more poverty as it would increase food costs for the global monopolies that now control food (and want control over all water).

The easy solution to ‘operation consensus’ is to not simply believe people because of their title, media profile or occupation.

“Assertion is bondage. To question and deny is necessary. It is the essence of revolt and without a revolt there can be no freedom.” S.N.M

From childhood the mind of a human being is conditioned to not revolt.
This unquestioning belief and obedience is relied on by those running the show as it makes a prison. Revolt against believing you have a  “culture” as culture is naught but a collection of bars.


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