“Economic Crisis” or “Economic collapse”

Financial circles in the media are now fear mongering and implanting ideas of an economic collapse.

They are forgetting about how the economy works and the Central Banking system.
Who controls interest rates and who sets currencies?

The same corrupt privately owned global banking system.

The banksters always lie about the reasons for their actions against the people .E.G They leaked their fed reserve was going to raise interest rates just to profit off bonds .

The whole economic system is a banking cartel . Its a high level scam as why would any sovreign nation agree to borrow money with interest from a privately owned bank instead of create it themselves?

Why would a nation then enforce the cartel’s policies of debt slavery: austerity, poverty, inequality and make the nation go to wars for no reason?

The central banks create money from nothing, and their corporation(your govt)helps them keep you playing the game as a debt slave- paying the foreign banksters to enslave you in an economic system that is now telling you it is going to collapse. As they make all key economic decisions they are totally responsible for the economic state of the world.

Unless the central bank collapse their controlled and fictitious economy how can it collapse?
*The US corporation(govt) has been bankrupt since 1933. The “economy” does not have to collapse, as it was always an .01% elitist created ponzi scheme to let the cartel maintain power and control.
Know that if their are any problems with our economy it is the fault of the Central Banks and their corrupt stooges in govt(corporation ) .