The current state of the ongoing political coverup of the UK branch of the global paedophile ring.

I have just found out that for decades the UK Home office  had stopped an independent investigation into a global high level paedophile ring . “The internal review also found that between 1979 and 1999 the department had “lost or destroyed” 114 files relating to child abuse.”

In the face  of continued and new  allegations the home secretary Ms May has now delayed another  6 months by deliberately appointing lead investigating judges with conflict of interests . For those of us that (unlike most politicians) are not psychopaths and find the evil perverts that hurt innocent children horrific, the uk home office secretary’s action is clearly still conspiring with the paedophile  ring. The UK Home secretary also wants the UK taxpayer to fund a three or four year  coverup. The UK home secretary should be independently investigated,  at best the home  office’s  actions have been   enabling further  rape, abuse and torture of children.   http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/11232988/Westminster-paedophile-ring-now-where-does-the-investigation-go.html

NZ judge Goddard was picked by the UK home secretary Ms May as “lead investigator” , May  lied to press and said  Goddard was “as removed as possible from the organisations and institutions that might become the focus of the inquiry”. Goddard is a member of the UN said to have no conflict of interest investigating other UN members and other (undisclosed) high level Crown org & institutional elitists.  Judge Goddard  is an employee of the Crown’s corporation( organisation & institutions) she clearly has  (multiple)  conflict of interest. She has not yet filed COI  declaration,  which is a deception and  shows untrustworthy behaviour unbecoming for a “high level”  Judge. The UN member “investigating” other UN members!??


Please have a moment of clarity with me and ask  what has happened with our society that we are not rioting about this injustice . The injustice of being told we will not even have an  independent investigation ( or are there any prosecutions of the high level perps or the UN members) into  decades long crimes of the “uk establishment” branch of the  global institution’s ring of child raping politicians and their masters.