дa the stagnant psy-op ColdvID19 .

So the media has switched memes trying to keep to the UN 2030 agenda with people in a perpetual state of fear and distracted with a microwaved Twitter cold war . Today they are recycling old stock footage again of the crisis actors the Freemason ( X KGB)Pootin and the Ukrainian Comedian looking serious then cut to an abandoned boarded up apartment, possibly in Transylvania, with an odd looking( possibly CG fire) in one room. Thats a war. Terrifying. I’m so frightened, I cant think of anything but war, nukes, chemical weapons, Russia and Ukraine(/s). Thats what they want- total mind identification and so possession with a meme: fear -submission- control. They need to have mind control of the masses to do what they do . Overnight in the dark media metaverse Russia became the Villain of the world . Everything, all the evil banksters multinational corporate action, inflation the price of gas, the economic contraction for the people from Central banker’s multinational corps that are firing away obscene price jackups all is blamed on Russia. The central banking cabal want to have two groups fighting on social media, those supporting and those opposing Russia. Dont argue the war. Just pick one of their sides as with convid19 both seemingly-opposing-but-not-opposing-the-one-narrative-sides are their side.

^Flashback to the UN 2030 NWO agenda that was written in Orwellian increasing poverty was one of their stated goals .

Though for now the banskter’s multi -trillion dollar 2 year ConvID19 fraud scam is on the back burner simmering away as the 1861 Germ theory has not yet been laughed outta town, meaning it can be served up again to the fearful mass formation psychosis crowd.

The media is putting on a metaverse show, problem is people don’t realize its fake they believe it , its a black comedy. And thats a tragedy.

I really like this thought ” What if the media threw a war and no one came ?https://sharine.substack.com/p/what-if-the-media-threw-a-war-and?s=r. Imagine if everyone was in a state of peace and so everyone was unmoved by the media that is spreading and amplifying unconsciousness( fear).

About now peace sounds better than good , it sounds essential . Nothing out in the world ( or the media metaverse that disturbs peace) will provide peace so we must all look within. For we cant save the world without first saving ourselves. And this is all you need to prioritize…. the inner work. Bringing the love. light and peace to erase illusory dark fear narrative. The real to replace the false. The shift we need.


Putin and Obama: Washington’s joint bombing and the escalation in Syria.

The oligarchy’s media warmed up the cold war, West vs East. Putin is the media “hero’ , shirt off on a horse or speaking out against the west’s constant warring.The media has now told people that Russia’s co ordination with usa in its  occupation and bombing of Syria is somehow ‘ok’.  The  usa is evil (when they invade and bomb) and so using flawed logic Russia is good when it invades and bombs .Everyone is so caught up in good vs evil that they do not see clearly what is happening right under their noses in the name of  “good v evil”.

Meanwhile millions of Palestinian refugees and others flee Syria , chaos descends  and tension in the area increases. Putin, like Obama, serves the same bankster masters that profit off the wars.

Russia had invaded  and occupied Afghanistan before the usa.In 1979, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan inspired a mass jihadist call to arms from across the Muslim world to fight the non-Muslim invaders. So did the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.The Soviet–Afghan War lasted over nine years from December 1979 to February 1989.  Between 850,000–1.5 million civilians were killed and millions of Afghans fled the country as refugees, mostly to Iran and Pakistan .The usa started the gulf war 91 and then Afganistan in 2001, Assad supported the usa. Assad, like Hussein, is Washington’s man.

In this media story  there are said to be good terrorists and bad terrorists(?), the media  has restarted the cold war Russia vs USA .The usa could not be seen bombing the  (once bad but now good) terrorists they created and funded . Allegedly Russia are bombing ISIS (but there are reports that this may not be the case Russia has  bombed  non ISIS/ISIL) .Russia tells the usa where it is going to bomb an hour before,so  this is a coordinated attack a joint mission.

So the whole media show is a lie. What is happening is horrible, its a war not between Putin v Obama, not good v evil but a staged war of the Oligarchy v already poor refugees, the people of Syria.All talk of a victory is a lie.




(& Alexander Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianism )
What does a dictatorship need  to remain in power when more and more  people are learning about the system  (leading to  more individuals  not consenting) and  protesting   the widespread corruption?


How else  can the  corrupt global cartel (that wants a New World Order) start another world  war without first creating an enemy? Putin is but a actor in their really bad movie whose synopsis is the people once again fall for the oligarchy’s web of lies and deceit . It’s  corporation of the USA( or “govt “) has been torturing ,warmongering  and interfering with other nations for yonks . The  cartel  have purposefully chosen this time to provide media coverage of the horrific actions of its own out of control US corporation(“govt”)  to support Putin. The cartel has always controlled both sides . “Follow the money ” aptly points out how the same players are in bed with both “sides”.https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/the-diagram-connecting-putin-rothschild-and-rockefeller/

Here is  one  part  of the  mind control  techniques they  use   https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/. They use mind control all the time, when Obama is found by his voters to be “chickenshit” (on his knees at the beck and call of Israeli PM) a  media  report is released to the public that a “senior” Obama administration official called Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu “a chickenshit”.

The 13 families in this corrupt and evil cartel in this world  sometimes greedily squabbles  amongst themselves for “more”  (more power and more resources).  They use their media corporations, false flags and psy ops to divide and conquer us. They teach us ignorance, use mind conditioning  and deceit   to make the human race fear , fight and kill one another for their cause. Right now with this  media input ,  instead of uniting against the  police brutality and violence, they have ignited racial tension and a group to act out violence against the NYPD .

Putin represses a few american “liberal icons”( greenpeace, pussygirlband, does not destroy the traditional social definition of marriage) and his popularity in Russia goes up .

The NWO puppet  Putin is telling Russians  that if they want to avoid the draft they must work in weapons manufacturing. .Putin is the same brand of “evil global domination ” pretending to be the hero.

Eurasia against Atlantis.“The Soviets also led a very efficient propaganda campaign against Poland. From the first days of the war, the Soviets, the communist parties in the West, as well as the leftist organizations and individuals influenced by the communists, furiously attacked the Polish Government-in-Exile, the Polish Army, and Polish institutions in the West. The divide and conquer accusations leveled against them most frequently were anti-Sovietism( “terrorism, criminality”), anti-Semitism, political irresponsibility( “torture”) and chauvinism.  These attacks became more intense after the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, when the Soviets became “our brave Russian allies” and Stalin was transformed from a bloody dictator and Hitler’s best partner to “good uncle Joe.” “An incredible thing seemed to have happened to the American mind,”.” Piotr Wrobel  .