The French 9/11

The intact passport is  the signature mark of the same perpetrators as 9/11.

* SOFREP report said that that the French National Police had met with the BND Federal Intelligence service (Germany) and the BKA Federal police (Germany) to “discuss an eminent pre-planned terrorist attack in Paris.”

The french branch of a now private globalized intel org had surveillance on the suspects before the event.

The same morning at the Paris SMAU (EMT), a multi-site attack exercise had been planned .

The PM  was seen sitting with an “I am not  surprised” look on his face and remaining in an unsecured location (this time sitting at a stadium where a bomb had gone off).First  bomb “explosion outside was heard over tens of thousands of cheering fans at around 9.17pm. Hollande was taking a phone call in the stadium’s security control room at 9.36pm, five minutes after the second bomb blast.”

The end result of the organized  chaos is that France has a State of emergency -its constitution suspended . Its borders are closed. People worldwide are afraid of and angry at refugees, now seeing the victims of war and escalated conflict as terrorists.The French said they have an excuse to extensively bomb Syria’s oil transportation system  ( as Russia said they could extensively bomb Syria  too)and everyone is bombing Syria (now working with Assad).

The corporate media has used the  staged event to link terrorism to climate change by saying they will not let “terrorism” stop the 11th session UN (NWO)Climate change negotiations  in Paris. The lies from  Al Gore investment hedge fund “man made global warming by man’s C02 emissions” exposed in Climate-gate but now  called ” Climate change” is being negotiated on as it is a vehicle  for the UN’s NWO /global govt.