Immunity to fear.

“The enemy between your ears”

As the mind in a state of wrong-mindedness is that which creates fear, one must not look to point to the triggers and psyops and so get lost in emotional reactivity( that includes fear expressed as anger). This is if you want to see correction in the world and I am assuming most people that are aware of the errors ( in our State -corporate -conditioned disconnected from each other and nature thinking and feeling ) want real change not just to point out the thinking errors.

The central bankers proposed reset is a reset of fear world. Fear and wrong thinking is why the world is in chaos. Convid, Monkey pox and Ukraine twitter war all just collective fear repackaged and sold to fear addicted egos through media . A world where fear( and mind control of egos- magick ) is used by a group to control others. So the main thing we need to be aware of is (not just the central bankster’s fear based corporate governance system with constant media psyops that we know all about by now ) we must understand how only love can end it. That the real problem here is really loveless-ness. When we do not know who we are and think ourselves a tiny fragile vulnerable mortal body with an ego(which is the past in you- tyrannically controlling you) we(as egos) maintain what is a false identity constantly under threat of discovery in a state of fear .

We need our own New World Order of Love to rise out of the ashes of global insanity .

I have maintained that there is a primary importance at this time for us to know who we are. To be aware of the errors that need healing in the world and if we are moved into doing correct them with loving compassion and understanding. All the truth speaking, if effective, needs to come from that place of Being , peace and love not of conflict. When we seek to correct errors in thinking, whether it be ending a media meme infection or govt propaganda, we will be more effective if we do it with the intention to heal and with love. Healing ourselves and the world are connected .

Daily meditation or the practice of mindfulness is essential in these times to maintain ones sanity.

Fear and conflict ( * anger is just a subset of fear)

T-2.VI.7.https://acourseinmiraclesnow.com/course-miracles-chapter-2-vi-fear-conflict/ The first corrective step in undoing the error is to know first that the conflict is an expression of fear. 2 Say to yourself that you must somehow have chosen not to love, or the fear could not have arisen. 3 Then the whole process of correction becomes nothing more than a series of pragmatic steps in the larger process of accepting perfect love as the remedy. 4 These steps may be summarized in this way:

5 Know first that this is fear.

6 Fear arises from lack of love.

7 The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love.

I have started and I recommend The Course in Miracles (an I advise an open mind , don’t let the religious/spiritual/ G word used in the course create fear). You just do a little bit each morning or as much as you like so its great if you are pressed for time.

https://acim.org/acim/en/ or


Keep on Truckin’

The Canadian (Truckers) Freedom movement has been slandered and debased by the media’s “Go-f-me” story.

Its not about money . We dont even know who it was that started the money scam, could well be an agent or the gofundme crooks themselves . The central bankster’s intel org tend to infiltrate all orgs that are not theirs( they have the astro turf -pseudo peoples movements).

If it was turned into a money scam it was by those that are violating people’s rights declaring illegal mandates, criminally insane rules and wacky restrictions . They have their very worst PR people working on it to make it look bad as its a giant success, bringing out global love and support.

Freedom. Fearless action( from an inner state of peaceful resistance comes a non reactive firm ” No” ) has, like a beautiful butterfly wing, reached out to every nation. Your peaceful, fearless , non reactive ” no” is one with and part of the collective global freedom movement. Freedom is an inner state , a shift away from the fear to this love .