Sydney False flag operation …

They really want a war .

False flags are where  the oligarchy   creates fictional  “enemies” by playing the part of the so called enemy.


They  launch  their   ideas ( mind control ) using  their media, these  ideas are  to generate fear, outrage or anger .Then when people believe they are under threat from “imaginary enemies” (who are actually the oligarchy’s corporation/govt).  The banksters sit and count their money while many people are still fooled  enough to die and kill  for the banksters  cause (which is in truth is always for them  to make more money & get more resources).

The global awakening is also putting the spotlight on their lies and propaganda, there is a lot of unrest  so false flag ops  serve to misdirect attention . These false flag ops are used to try to start up  wars or bring in unlawful oppressive policies. The cartel’s corporation uses its violent actions against the people as the excuse to use excessive force against its citizens. They want this open war at a time of unrest when people are crying out “no more” and desiring  the removal of these war criminals from power.


The good news is there are only about 6,000 of them and over six billion of us the odds are in our favour and  the tide is turning.
The empire is falling.

Its budget time and the cuts are unacceptable,   yet  the bankster’s corporation(our govt) tell us they will  borrow in our name for their wars and their increased paranoid spying this year.