Rogan and Rand up a tree spinning the one narrative ” covid”.

They only say in media that they want to “arrest them” in order to give their controlled opposition “covid” media spokesman narrative some CRED/ legitimacy.
Rand arguing masks, directing attention to that only is a distract debate as long as the one narrative ” covid” is protected and not debated or questioned.
All the govts “covid” rules and measures are illegal, unlawful , unscientific and totally insane. Full stop .


Climate Change Propaganda squashed by the Australian PM’s top advisor.

Looks like the political lies  of ” man made global warming” cum “climate change” have been exposed by their own  top advisor and exposed  in the article by writer, researcher, and analyst Melissa Dykes( writer for The Daily Sheeple).

“Maurice Newman, chairman of the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, said the real agenda was “concentrated political authority. Global warming is the hook”.

“It’s a well-kept secret, but 95 percent of the climate models we are told prove the link between human CO2 emissions and catastrophic global warming have been found, after nearly two decades of temperature stasis, to be in error,”

Australian PM Top Advisor: Climate Change “About a New World Order Under the Control of the UN” – See more at: http://www.thedailysheeple.com/australian-pm-top-advisor-climate-change-about-a-new-world-order-under-the-control-of-the-un_052015#sthash.6RkjxLWY.dpuf

The pope/vatican  is (along with the pathological politicians) pushing and peddling these man made global warming lies…



NWO’s zionist agent PM John Key – the puppetry of corruption on the world stage.



The political speech, as usual,  opened with lies and ended in lies . Some  ludicrous untruths  about how  high interest rates are for good for us (those that they put on the hook) for their debt creation scam- or borrowing from a private foreign banking cartel .     Apparently the NZ PM  is telling the world his cuts in public services have made more public services and the transfer of wealth from the people to the elitist’s corporations continues . 

Privatising Public housing :PPP

With  NZ public housing  the PM wants to scrap any existing legislation that  the private corporations that will own the housing don’t want .  He said he will make the public  fund the PPP ,  set up of private housing  providing even more corporate welfare to the bankster’s private corporations.  Much like he did with  NZ private owned  rest homes- we funded the construction  and set up,  then the corporation profits without any risk,  this is called a PPP. The mind conditioning  lie is the corporation(govt) call the privatization of public assets and the public funding of private ventures (to eliminate corporate risk)  “social housing”.

“Social housing”,  where it has been done,  has been  a complete disaster for the poor,  disabled and taxpayers . Its just a covert public housing privatisation with ‘stock transfer’  a program in which the sell off of govt/councils’ property portfolios to agents, ngo’s , private, “housing associations” all on the cheap. Such homes are  lost to the public sector forever; their private “association owners ” are under no real pressure or obligation to help  whittle down waiting lists (or provide the needed health services for the disabled and poor which the govt cut)they will now   provide some  “budget advice” (not social services, money or healthcare).
The NZ  PM  has no mandate and he has  no support from the people of NZ.  Even if he had  a legal or lawful mandate for his unlawful actions the PM  did not even get close to a majority in the last “so called democratic” election.  The puppet  investment bankster   asked what  gave him  the authority to steal our public assets,  continue NZ in debt slavery  to the banksters – his weak pitiful claim  would be his mandate was “he who counts the vote counts”/corruption . 


He is misdirecting   the privatization  and loss of NZ’s  public housing and recommending setting up privately owned “disability  ghettos” for the poor.  All the while adding insult to injury   telling people that what the working class poor,  poor  &  homeless need    “budget advice”  not equality, money, food and shelter.

His speech agendas  all sounded like those of  a Rothschild agent,   a Wall Street  investment bankster. He pledged his continuing  support to increase all the problems the govt created of  unaffordable housing  in NZ  ,  growing     the “world class in NZ  ” feudal landlord renting system,  and buy up of the nation by foreign interest . The proposed  privatization of public owned housing (PPP)and proposed disability ghettos,  in which the  public health  services  he cut will be replaced with private providers profiting off   privatization.

The puppet PM’s   proposed unlawful actions will increase NZ unaffordable  housing problems, increase  social disconnect and the economic problems that he {as an agent of the  NWO}   has already created -as they were designed to. So in short the people of New Zealand do not support you John Key, nor did they show any support for  your stupid proposals in your speech to steal their public  housing and give it to your masters.




There is no democracy.

The idea of democracy has long held  the people in obedience because we are social beings. And psychologically we will not question the leader  if we think the largest group have the leader they want and we have a party the  “opposition” . But political leaders are birthed and chosen by the corporation not the people (election campaigns in the US can be up to a billion$ ). The political freak  show is   completely controlled . The “winning liar” is pre- selected( as is the opposition) and the media builds up  candidates they want and destroys the ones they don’t want .

Controlling the opposition: People think there is opposition in politics but as you know the opposition is totally useless for any function except that it makes people believe there is opposition and ” a democracy”.

What majority of people in a nation would run  investment bankers,   psychopaths or  drug pushers for the top leadership role?  No  we the people don’t choose-  the $mind controllers chose  http://educate-yourself.org/nwo/ .  Six  of their corporations   own 90% of the media which uses PR  for the purpose of pushing their agenda and mind control through the  dissemination of misinformation and setting up false beliefs.   http://www.storyleak.com/graphic-6-corporations-own-90-percent-of-media/.

The  political agenda  is  in opposition to a healthy, prosperous  and happy community. It is to grow and  maintain the  power and wealth of these .01%.

The rampant election fraud has been disclosed to us and yet we do not yet know the whole political show, the  production of lies is a farce used to control and enslave humanity.( http://www.wanttoknow.info/electronicvoting






(& Alexander Dugin’s Neo-Eurasianism )
What does a dictatorship need  to remain in power when more and more  people are learning about the system  (leading to  more individuals  not consenting) and  protesting   the widespread corruption?


How else  can the  corrupt global cartel (that wants a New World Order) start another world  war without first creating an enemy? Putin is but a actor in their really bad movie whose synopsis is the people once again fall for the oligarchy’s web of lies and deceit . It’s  corporation of the USA( or “govt “) has been torturing ,warmongering  and interfering with other nations for yonks . The  cartel  have purposefully chosen this time to provide media coverage of the horrific actions of its own out of control US corporation(“govt”)  to support Putin. The cartel has always controlled both sides . “Follow the money ” aptly points out how the same players are in bed with both “sides”.https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2015/05/31/the-diagram-connecting-putin-rothschild-and-rockefeller/

Here is  one  part  of the  mind control  techniques they  use   https://firstlook.org/theintercept/2014/02/24/jtrig-manipulation/. They use mind control all the time, when Obama is found by his voters to be “chickenshit” (on his knees at the beck and call of Israeli PM) a  media  report is released to the public that a “senior” Obama administration official called Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu “a chickenshit”.

The 13 families in this corrupt and evil cartel in this world  sometimes greedily squabbles  amongst themselves for “more”  (more power and more resources).  They use their media corporations, false flags and psy ops to divide and conquer us. They teach us ignorance, use mind conditioning  and deceit   to make the human race fear , fight and kill one another for their cause. Right now with this  media input ,  instead of uniting against the  police brutality and violence, they have ignited racial tension and a group to act out violence against the NYPD .

Putin represses a few american “liberal icons”( greenpeace, pussygirlband, does not destroy the traditional social definition of marriage) and his popularity in Russia goes up .

The NWO puppet  Putin is telling Russians  that if they want to avoid the draft they must work in weapons manufacturing. .Putin is the same brand of “evil global domination ” pretending to be the hero.

Eurasia against Atlantis.“The Soviets also led a very efficient propaganda campaign against Poland. From the first days of the war, the Soviets, the communist parties in the West, as well as the leftist organizations and individuals influenced by the communists, furiously attacked the Polish Government-in-Exile, the Polish Army, and Polish institutions in the West. The divide and conquer accusations leveled against them most frequently were anti-Sovietism( “terrorism, criminality”), anti-Semitism, political irresponsibility( “torture”) and chauvinism.  These attacks became more intense after the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941, when the Soviets became “our brave Russian allies” and Stalin was transformed from a bloody dictator and Hitler’s best partner to “good uncle Joe.” “An incredible thing seemed to have happened to the American mind,”.” Piotr Wrobel  .


Wellington the privatized “Stupor City”?

And this is the  attempted hostile takeover of Wellington’s local governance by the trickery of the central govt.

First  import a  non local CEO that had resigned from a council privatization dispute and other “chaotic” scandals in Cornwell UK. “Former Cornwall Council chief exec Kevin Lavery  invested in ‘Liberty scheme’ a huge tax avoidance scheme set up just for  select group of filthy rich traders/ investors .
Some other good questions from the people to and about the CEO were raised: http://www.cornwall24.co.uk/discussion/topic3995-15.html . Conflict of interest http://www.cornwall24.co.uk/discussion/topic3995.html

We have already been told the proposed amalgamation or privatisation will cause us fiscal pain which should worry any ratepayers ( & residents) as the WCC and GWRC  history of mismanaging the ratepayers finances is already reprehensible.

After no ratepayers supported the takeover of governance (and privatization) the central govt puppets labour  started a PR  campaign  using words like “democracy “. They started yet another  website so they can find out what exactly their spin doctors need to address to deceive the ratepayers.  They are thinking maybe a rigged  referendum on the unwanted stupor city will silence the dissent but let us not be fooled by any of the expensive campaigns,non binding referendums and  lies  that they make us fund.

Excuse me but what they are  doing has nothing to do with democracy. We don’t even have a democracy. We have an oligarchy.

Until we see the truth and unite they will continue to act for their private corporate interests.

Let us consider a solution to the problem of the Wellington council not following the will of the ratepayers (and residents) as  they were elected to. They were not elected to represent privatization, not to  further their political careers by their meaningless political words and not to serve their self interest -they need to learn what leadership really is. This central govt takeover of local governance is also a bit like musical chairs where only the most corrupt and obedient mayors & council officers will have a career in the new dictatorship/privatisation.

In England there is a great campaign to try to get rid of the oligarchy’s puppet Cameron “Just say Go” .

Yeah mates  we feel you.

Just say No.