Fictional Reserve Banking.

All the fear (egoic contraction) mind programming in media, pretending we the people have to pay for the odious debt of the corporations in their big central banking ponzi scheme. I really dont think so. What ever contractions and manipulations that are in the market come straight from the central banking cabal.

Economically they shut down the people’s livelihoods while increasing their wealth by fraud, creating more debt in our names and raising goods and services prices in the covid psyop . They can’t blame the state of the economy on covid as there is no covid.

We dont have to chose their media predictive mind programming that is an egoic (fear -scarcity) contraction, we could chose prosperity . We dont have to pick fear we can chose gratitude, compassion and love. We can pick what we want and focus our attention on that.

The global freedom protest continues despite the corporations unconsciousness/”evil” with a new lie every day, but the media lies have been ineffective . The mandates are illegal and govts seeing how easy it was for them to loose all credibility and public support en masse are in grip of fascism( fear). Desperate. And the govts look bad, a PR disaster.

I smell a RAT

The corporate trend is the fraud of increasing its use of RAT (rapid antigen test) to hoax it up and create cases following the wider exposure of the rt PCR test fraud.

This RAT test is just as unscientific as the PCR and antibody test in diagnosing disease thus creating all these false “covid” cases . The Antibodies(immunoglobulins) IgG, IgA and IgM are not ” covid” antibodies.
They are just antibodies. There are no such things as ” covid” antibodies or ” covid” antigens.

At home the govt want you to stick a swab up your nose to see if there is anything up there( using the RAT). Most healthy people have up their nose dna, rna( wrongly called “sars cov2“). Mucosal surfaces, including the nasal mucosa, are the principal sites of initial contact with a large variety of antigenic substances. Such as chemicals, dust ,animal dander, dust mites, mold spores , bacteria, cancer or pollen etc.

Wiki say ,” An antigen (Ag) is a molecule or molecular structure or any foreign particulate matter or a pollen grain that can bind to a specific antibody or T-cell receptor
Antigens can be proteins, peptides (amino acid chains), polysaccharides (chains of monosaccharides/simple sugars), lipids, or nucleic acids

So it is very unlikely that you don’t have an “antigen” up your nose as an “antigen” may be a substance from the environment, rna, dna, chemicals, dust ,animal dander, dust mites, mold spores , bacteria, or pollen.

They refuse to admit they do not understand what makes the human body-mind sick. And the huge amount of complexity and intelligence in the body is too much for their little fearful human minds to cope with. Its intelligence/life/ consciousness itself within that balances and heals the body.

On a positive note nothing can or will stop consciousness.

“Why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open? Move outside the tangle of fear-thinking. The entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.”
― Rumi