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” covID19″ : A 100% CGV( Computer Generated “Virus”)

The CDC’s Chinese consortium computer generated a genome ” SARS Cov2″ on Jan 10th 2020. . It makes no difference that the globalists computer generated a string of rna ( ” virus”) and started the pseudo pandemic in China. China was just the most oppressed obedient place, it was just the most effective location for the globalists to start global home detentions and mass human rights violations .

It is up to every nation to investigate and to prove the existence of ” a new deadly virus” ( that causes a new set of symptoms ).

There was no reproducible study done and there was no evidence of it.

All any science( or medical officer) would have had to do (and had the responsibility to do) is reproduce the studies done ( missing)which would have immediately told them that there is no new disease and no ” sars cov2 virus” . But as there was no evidence at all they did not do anything but continue the Big Lie covID19. Not one referenced test. They globally (all 99%) accepted the fraudulent use of a PCR test used to create ” covid cases” . So that is a global failed responsibility blindly believing the CDC. A global org that holds the test primer patent and profits greatly off its covid19 fraud.

As most readers know even a year after the UN’s WHO pseudo pandemic the alleged ” virus” has not been isolated.

There has been no evidence or proof whatsoever of the “virus’s” existence let alone of it causing ” covid19″ (new set of symptoms = new disease). Even a year later there is nothing, no real ” virus” that causes something called ” covID19″( they are cold/flu symptoms).

Fluoride free Ontario article on the MOH that has no record of ” virus” isolation .
COVID-19: The virus does not exist -it is confirmed!January 3, 2021Page1COVID-19: Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D. (
Your slavery is not imminent, your freedom is immanent .

Most of whole world just believes the UN’s WHO+CDC and media propaganda without question , and yet they have no science, evidence and no facts. Its unreal.

They just use 100% fraud which includes the primary reference-less PCR test that creates ” covID19″ cases though it is unable to be used in this way as it cannot even detect 1 whole transmissible ” virus”. Reference less PCR test cannot diagnose disease it is simply unable to do that .

A year later they have extended the criminal fraud by a Chinese computer graphics company generating a 3D model of the original CGV taking a nano photo to fraudulently claim of a CGV in 3D “Is real”.

Its not real, its a CGV . We have been lied to and collectively duped big time.

What is real.

We need to remember the primary truth ( of our being) in all our actions.

We need to remain present to not be reactive and to show up calmly and mindfully at this time in our history where it appears the majority are afflicted and mind infected with the CGV ” covID19″ .

There are many resources for cultivating a daily practice of mindfulness ( even Netflix has Headspace) so seek and you will find.


corrupt govts, covid hoax, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO

What Debate?!

The msms controlled opposition have decided to throw a faux debate and not to debate the main point of contention ie the non existence of a new virus (“Sars CoV2”). They only want to debate the tyrannical measures taken against the non existent threat. For if they wanted a real debate they would first have to provide proof of a new virus that causes a new disease( and proof of that) and they have none.

The non existence of a “new virus” and total lack of evidence of it is the main point of a debate. We have not been given any evidence of ” a new virus” ( Sars CoV2)this one primary matter is being deliberately ignored and it is the very foundation of the whole covid hoax.

Instead of a real debate they just want to argue face masks and the unlawful home detentions. They want to try to justify the govt’s tyranny, fascism and all the wrong actions( “measures”) taken in the name of an totally unproven non existent threat( Sars CoV2).

How can you debate action taken regarding a threat of something when that thing that is said to be a threat doesn’t have any evidence of its existence? They lost the debate before it started.

They have no proof of threat.

Legally, this makes their actions which were and are breaching human rights and constitutions , criminal.

Without proof of threat there is no debate to be had. All measures that were taken without having proof of an isolated ” new virus” were unlawful.

  1. There is no isolated “new virus”( Sars CoV2) no proof of it what so ever.
  2. There is no proof of said “virus” so there is the absence of any proof “it” ( which does not exist) causes a ” new disease=new set of symptoms”( when “it” alone is aerosol-ed into healthy people lungs at distance of less than 6f ( or 2 meters).

Many more skeptical and intelligent people that are no longer taken over and frozen by fear are figuring out Covid is solely a mental virus, just a thought form in the collective hive mind.

On a positive note a quote from ET on the current world situation .

There is no doubt that humanity is at a critical point in its evolutionary journey toward transcendence of egoic dysfunction and a more awakened consciousness.
When we meet with loss, disruption of our lives or any kind of adversity, there is not only DANGER, but also OPPORTUNITY.
There are two dimensions to the danger we are faced with collectively, particularly at the present time. On the one hand, there is the real possibility of experiencing adversity on the level of physicality, such as sickness, loss of livelihood, natural disasters, social and economic breakdown, violence, and so on. Life in the realm of physicality is, of course, fleeting and precarious even in the best of times.
More fundamentally, however, the danger is of an inner nature. It is the possibility of a serious deterioration in our mental/emotional state, our state of consciousness. This happens when we are overcome by reactivity and then find ourselves at the mercy of unconscious forces such as fear, anger, despondency, nihilism, or rigid and unquestioned collective thought forms that seek to assert tyrannical control over our lives. Loss of critical thinking happens when thinking is no longer rooted in awareness. 
When awareness is lost, we easily become possessed by the hive-mind as represented by our mainstream and social media. Our rational faculties are seriously impaired and our decision-making turns dysfunctional. This exacerbates rather than alleviates our problems. In other words, we regress to a lower level of consciousness and are completely in the grip of the collective ego.
When we recognize that the greatest danger we are facing is the loss of consciousness rather than any external situation, we begin to see the OPPORTUNITY that opens up when faced with major challenges.
“Eckhart Tolle

May you choose love and may that love you radiate out and return to you tenfold.


corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, pseudo $cience, Tyranny

Petition to the Supreme Court of NZ

To put people on home detention, carry out mandatory medical experimentation, to take their right of movement and freedom of association is not lawful or legal.
To have made these nazi like measures the govt imposed on us legal they would have had to
1) prove there was a threat and
2) present  justification for imposing the restrictions
They failed to prove threat   and did  not provide justification, our lock up down was and still is  unlawful (and illegal).
Crown NZ Govt V the people of NZ
In the matter of the  Crown’s unjustifiable and unlawful measures such as: the continued  unlawful lock downs, mandatory experimental testing , the Crowns  mass incarceration of people  in hotels  motels and facilities , the unlawful covid legislation, threat of punishments of lockup for not doing experimental testing  and govt  proposed forced experimentation vaccinations.
High Court findings were incorrect the  High Court case  as the Crown’s  (   threat levels & )unlawful lock-down was and is not   justifiable as there is no proof of threat no  scientific evidence of threat (from a ” new virus” ” Sars CoV2 “) or proof that this alleged virus  causes a new disease( new set of symptoms)” covid”. The glaring lack of evidence ofa public health  threat does not support the Crown’s unlawful actions, the  new unlawful ” covid” legislation  and the breaches of NZBORA.
The Crowns measures are a public health threat and have caused an increase in suicides, mental health problems( for which locked up people have no access to needs in this regard),
The Crown NZ Govts  breaches of NZBORA on the  bad advice of the public health advisor, attorney gen  and a misinformed and/or ignorant  health minister  .
” Public health ”  does not trump the rights of the individual in this case.
As Govt has failed to provide both  justification and proof of threat.
1)Prove the existence of an isolated  new virus( sars CoV2 )  and failed to prove
2) That said “new virus” causes a new disease( covid) or death.
3)That the threat to public health is a real one from the non existent new virus( sars CoV2 ) that is said to cause a new disease (covid) .
4) Proof that ” covid” is cause of death.( *note  pathologists in autopsy of ” Covid” patients  in other nations… that bothered doing an autopsy needed have found this alleged molecule/virus  Sars CoV2 is not to be found and so does not cause tissue death resulting in the person’s  subsequent deaths ).
Scientifically there is no proof of threat and no justification.Without poof and evidence of a public health threat  that warrants the Nazi like loss of freedoms and right  the Govt is actively in breach of law.
Notice .
Until it has evidence of threat ( justification)from an as yet not isolated molecule capable or transmission and causing disease( covid)  Govt  should cease and desist its Nazi like unlawful measures.
No Justified limitations
  • Subject to section 4, the rights and freedoms contained in this Bill of Rights may be subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

  • Clear justification would mean there must be a reasonable objective to (our past and present loss of freedom of movement and association or) compulsory vaccination that justifies the limits placed on the right to refuse medical treatment.
  • No scientific  evidence of the existence of  a new virus (Sars COV2). Said virus was computer generated not isolated on 10th Jan 2020. They used both human dna taken on 26th Dec 2019  and bovine fetal dna to generate the string of rna they then called Sars Cov2 .
  •  or proof that it( Sars CoV2 )  alone causes a new disease( covid)) evidence of new disease( not one with same set of flu symptoms  so  it is not justified.
  • They not used evidence based strategies( home detention , social distancing, masks none have evidence to support the restrictions in fact public health worsened during download increased domestic violence ,increased mental health problems  ,  suicides and untreated real health problems)
Government would have to present clear justifications for any  restrictions and it has failed to.
Unlawful mandatory RT PCR tests.
The RT PCR test is experimental in its use for diagnosing disease and it is unable to prove infection.Ordinarily  test-performance studies entail having patients undergo an index test and a “reference standard” test determining their true state. The PCR test results  are not validated  under realistic conditions against a clinically meaningful reference standard.
The RT PCR test was never suppose to be used to diagnose  disease.It just amplify a small set of nucleic  acids( coronavirus which in the study of human  virome  has been  found up the nose of healthy people and so was  not seen by virologists as a pathogen) The RT PCR test  fails to provide proof of  the existences of a whole, live or transmittable ” virus”  or of an infection.
Yet people are being diagnosed in this experimental way.This would appear to put the RT PCR test that is being used by Crown govt  to prove infection and disease (when it cannot and has never been used for that before )  into the category of ‘medical or scientific experimentation’, which the Bill of Rights Act (s10), as well as international law, recognises as something which must not be inflicted on people without their consent.”
Vaccinations:Everyone has the right not to be subjected to medical experimentation without free consent. [t]he potential vaccines, especially RNA vaccines… are necessarily ‘experimental’ in nature… This would appear to put such vaccines into the category of ‘medical or scientific experimentation’
“The specific reference to medical experimentation is a response to what happened under the Nazi regime during the second world war.
In New Zealand,  the courts and their English predecessors have long recognized and protected the right to bodily integrity. The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 also clearly states that everyone has the right to refuse medical treatment.”
The Govts  issued  threat to public health  without evidence of a live  whole transmissible virus and proof it causes disease covid  and death  is legally invalid and is not justification .
The RT PCR test is purely experimental  when it is being used  to diagnose disease /infection.
The people of NZ who have had their inherent freedoms and rights taken off them by a despotic regime .
corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, pseudo $cience, Tyranny

How the RT PCR test is like Russian Roulette

The PCR test being used to  diagnose people with a  unproven infectious new disease to get numbers to support this hoax. It  is utter quackery. Just like playing roulette if you keep testing, pulling the trigger,  you will get different results and end up with a “positive”.

Big problems with the smoking gun (PCR test).

The RT PCR ” Test for covid infection has no reference standard. Its mis -science.

Ordinarily  test-performance studies entail having patients undergo an index test and a “reference standard” test determining their true state. The PCR test results  are not validated  under realistic conditions against a clinically meaningful reference standard.


There isn’t one,  there is no reference standard for the PCR test.

The PCR test for the CG Virus  cannot confirm infection. It cannot  prove the small number of arbitrary  nucleic acids it tags cause disease .The RT PCR test only  tries to find a few nucleic acids of rna from a mix of  dna contaminated  ” blend” .

The PCR test was never designed for diagnosis of disease .

No evidence of “Sars CoV2”  and no evidence of a new disease.

“Sars CoV2”  was not isolated it was generated. It is a fictional virus  with no reality.

The specific primers and tags  they use for the PCR test are taken from a computer  generated genome, not from an isolated and  replicated infectious  “virus”.

Computer programs that generated the virtual virus  used what was a ( unconfirmed)  random patient’s dna mixed with bovine fetal dna . They said a man  was  infected positive with “covid” on dec 26th   because he had tested” positive’ in a PCR test??! But until they generated the computer virus (Jan 10th) they  did not have any the molecular knowledge of it to create specific ( sars cov2)primers. whoops .

There is no Sars COV2 virus to prove it they would need to provide evidence .

They needed to  find,  isolate  and grow “virus” in a culture in  the lab .
Then test and prove that it causes a new disease.
Instead they  use  the RT-rPCR result as a surrogate indicator of the presence of an infectious whole live transmittable “virus” and “new disease”.
Proof needed for disease
Rule out underlying diseases , co morbidity and all other known causes.
They would have had to have  a new set of symptoms too. They did not.
The flu symptoms they use for ” covid” are not new.
First set of patients diagnosed with it had distinctively different symptoms ( one sounded like  food poisoning)


What does PCR  covid test prove?

It proves nothing .

The accuracy of the PCR test for ” Sars Co V2″ (the CG virus) without  having a reference standard is totally unknown.

The  Criminal  State.

There are cases of newborns taken off their healthy mother for months  on just  positive PCR tests.

The RT PCR test, spin the chamber there is a false  “positive”  bullet  in there..  Most do as they are testing testing testing( spinning spinning spinning   ) to get positives to support the hoax and the banksters big pharma, hospitals  stand to make more money off every positive test.

“It’s a red herring,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy, said of  testing for infection using rt-PCR . Because what it leads us to believe is something that very likely is not true, and that is that we’re  shedding infectious “virus”.

Now I hear the New Zealand Govt will unlawfully lock  you  and your family up for refusing to take this incredibly  meaningless and ridiculous PCR  test for “covid” infection.  Is this the Orwellian world you want, one that locks families up and takes newborns from their mothers on the   irrelevant  and meaningless PCR “Covid”  test results?




corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, NWO, totalitarian, Tyranny

An antidote to the lies about the totally meaningless antibody test.

The human immune system is incredibly complex  it is not fully understood  . Sticking here to the antibody test used to tell people if they have a( fictitious) non existent disease called Covid .

The Big Lie Covid  COVID is a psyop in which the Banking Cabal that run govts and own 90% media conglomerate created a 100% non existent fake disease . No new set of symptoms  exactly the same age old symptoms of illness, underlying med conditions and those old time classic symptoms   bacterial infections ,stress and mask hypoxia, experimental drugs, medical mistakes, deaths from ventilator (VAP), immune system failures and  elderly dying. You can’t have new disease if there are not a new set of symptoms.


That is also why in this pseudo science circus there is no testing for influenza, or other “respiratory conditions or infecting  agents”  and all other co morbid med conditions and illness are ignored in this Covid fraud. The  fact these elderly people were going to die  from old age is even ignored as though we were in immortal physical bodies that never die. Seemingly are they  confusing the  immortal  spirit with the body. Western culture is so messed up and in denial about death it is no surprise the Oligarchs   Covid fear campaign is based on it.

The following from The Unhived Mind News.

“One of the major issues  is that you only develop antibodies when your innate immune system can’t clear an infection. So 60% to 85% of people are able to clear infections/virus/rna/dna using their innate immune system, and will NEVER develop antibodies.

The innate immune system is your “generic”, it works against any infection. It’s the first line of defense. If it can’t totally clear an infection, then the adaptive immune system comes into play, makes antibodies, and then the antibodies clear the infection.

Don’t let the mind manipulators bug masters fool you

The adaptive immune system has 2 components. Humoral and cellular responses. The former produces antibodies produced by B cells. The latter uses T cells. Helper T cells actually are important to activate the B cells to produce antibodies and cytotoxic T cells. Tregs prevent an excessive immune response, and activated cytoxic T cells . Cellular immunity is important to actually get rid of  infected cells. Antibodies don’t kill but only mark an infected call for destruction or block it from infecting an uninfected cell.

Although both are important when the innate immune system needs their help, many believe cellular immunity is the more important and that it also has memory thats not as well understood.

At the dawn of “vaccination” our understanding of the immune system was very primitive. Even today much is not understood, especially infants immune system and its development. Immunologists have recently discovered that the innate immune system has some sort of memory and is trained when clearing a new infection. Indeed they have found a new type of immune cell (ILC’s) that is like a T-cell but has innate system receptors built in and they don’t have to undergo the cellular immune system 1-2 week process of developing unique receptors for its cytotoxic T cells and can respond immediately”.

corrupt govts, COVID19 operation

The shadow govt(UN) and national Govt’s have got Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Scientifically there is no proof of a new disease called COVID that has been proven to exist that comes  from a new virus called Sars corona2. No new isolated virus, no testing for existing disease,  failed  Koch postulates, meaningless PCR test that even say on them that they “can’t be used to determine disease” ,  no looking at viral loads in tissues with double blind studies, no autopsies. No new disease. Exactly the same scenario  as the flu season in a ill,  elderly stressed out (heavily prescribed) population.

Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a mental health problem in which  UN Nanny State makes up  an illness ( COVID)in  persons under his or her care. MSBP is a form of  abuse.

Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder, a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately thinks  & acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick.

Sorry to have to say it but people are being  ignorant.

Time to wake up and die to all the fictitious ideas and  fictitious disease created by the ego mind’s munchausenism. Its a deep State that is mentally unwell.

CIA funded blogs, corrupt govts, The narrative, totalitarian

How to spot a “CIA funded”/ alt-right COINTELPRO blog.

  1. Controlling the COVID narrative to only include lower fatality numbers and talk about wearing masks. Ignoring the fact a new disease “COVID” does not even exist and has not been proven.Allowing only spoken controlled opposition from ” dissenting ” experts , the Drs and nurses that say COVID disease  exists .  .As long as you don’t question the very existence of a new disease and do not question the Germ theory  .The fact that paleo virologists and virologists working on the human virome (and  viruses incorporated into  our dna) say the trillians of rna strings (“viruses”) in and on us found in healthy people so are not seen as  causes of disease. Comments that do not go with the alt right dialog will be censored or shills will jump on them and response will be censored. The human Virome we all have includes that of  what they call “Corona virus” up healthy people’s nasal passage.This scientific fact flies in the face of psyop COVID propaganda.

2. The controlled opposition alt rights  love going on about the CIA Agent Assange ” Free Assange” they cry . Promoting  a cult like following of the media celebrity poster boy for “internet impartiality and freedom”( scoff). There is none and Wikileaks is the CIA’s whistle blower honey pot. Where is the evidence for Agent Assange and CIAs Wikileaks  being what the media tell you they are ? They have nothing to support the media lies about him and the cia org Wikileaks but the words of the media , propaganda  from a media that we know lies. Reasoning denys the media lies  for if anyone was a real threat to the CIA they would  have been assassinated long ago not made into a  celebrity hero & a symbol and poster boy for freedom. They would not be not staying in London partying with other celebs  and making babies.

3. They talk about Trump and other bankster presidents and PMs as other than the NWO puppets they are perpetuating the democracy dogma.


4.They talk about evil ” elites” as enemies and people who believe media as enemies. Making enemies divides and conquers.Naming and judging( to be better than also  builds egos) banksters spokespersons and making them the enemy. When if people stopped believing and following them and giving them fealty and  attention they would quickly dissolve.

5. The alt right  perpetuate the racism. Pretend the Floyd false flag and X Blackwater riots were  real honest uprising of the people. They are still  playing the race card  and still dividing. All life matters.We are all privileged  to be alive.

6. They tell you America is evil,  Russia ( symbol  bear)& China is good. This works for the banksters planned Marxist/communist reset call it ” Socialism”. Or as the UN  NWO call it “Happyism”  marshal law, mass poverty, tyrannical neo nazi govts with ” health and safety” nazi officers issuing infringement notices. Its not humanism which is what we need, its  not even close.Read the UN( global shadow  govt)  2030 agenda its  written in Orwellian so you have to reverse it to translate it to English. As they want another Ism they are going on about “anti capitalism”( not greed) and blame capitalism  for all  that’s wrong in the world. We don’t even have a political- economic concept called capitalism we have Banksterism.The bankers create money out of debt in a big fraudulent ponzi scheme our govts are set up as corporations totally controlled by the banks they borrow money off( in our names) . The govts instead of creating it themselves with no interest for infrastructure, needs and  budget etc borrow it with interest. Thats not capitalism.Its  an economic and political monopoly usury and corrupt.

7. They hijacked   the spiritual meaning of Enlightenment ( To know thyself ) to ” woke” . To be Woke is when you believe the media’s  alt right propaganda . Like the CIA infiltrated the 60’s uprising  consciousness and turned the  counter culture movement of love in response & protest to the Vietnam  war into  ” hippys”  excessive use of sex and drugs. The alt right tentacle blogs have the pseudo spiritualism meme  popping up  and if you believe what they tell you you too will be ” woke” like them.

8. Fearmongering and using the same controlled opposition authors spreading the same memes and keeping to the narrative .

9. Telling the narrative they want about your helplessness and dis-empowerment. Telling you their plans so you believe and without knowing unconsciously  help them manifest it.You are a co creator in this world and they do not want you to know about your superpowers.

The mainstream  media have branched heavily out into  alt right social media blogs as so many people stopped  believing  mainstream media . Alt right is of growing importance to the Oligarchy in order to have mind control of the increased numbers of  ” deniers” and  dissenters.

So question everything with a reasoning mind. Be present and mindful when you read information on blogs.

Only  conditioned minds can be programmed.

The ego is the conditioned mind.

Freedom comes from within not without .You don’t have to create it its already there waiting for you.


Start an inner revolution.

Know thyself.

corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, propaganda

Global Fascism in 2020

From  2020 to XXXX, the far right fascist  regime ruled the world by controlling people’s minds through fear and propaganda  . During this time, NaziUN  shadow govt shifted from the bankster’s engineered  society and introduced an ideology of “biological terrorism ” into the global  legal systems. The shift from the traditional legal system (the “normative state”) to the UNNazis’ ideological mission (the “prerogative state”) enabled all of the subsequent acts of the Hitler.. oh sorry I mean Herr Rockefeller ( his UN shadow govt for central bank national govts ) regime, including its atrocities to be performed “legally”. The UN’s new world order  first they denied it  now they have a website written  in Orwellian. The UN call locking the healthy population up and destroying the economy ” Happyism” .The 2030 agenda behind the totalitarian power grab with 2050 the end date for “hell on earth + zero freedom”. Oh Mr Rockefeller and the banks are happy alright.

The respective COVID Bills were used as a pretext to suspend the  different nations Constitutions, human rights  and Bill of rights and impose a two-year state of emergency. The unlawful draconian legislation imposed was said to “safeguard public security” by restricting civil liberties and granting increased power to the police.


Its so true if we don’t learn from history we just repeat it .

How do you want the narrative to go? A mass awakening would be in order to stop this before the  feel-powerless-so-wanted-to-be-a-cop  going door to door in a Stasi routine startsup.




corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, totalitarian, Tyranny

Busting up some of the current msm memes.

The media in both its controlled opposition ( faker astro turf leftys)and mainstream are putting the same old rancid ideas out . Trump, Russia, China, Biden,  the idea of so called “different political parties”,  democracy  and Capitalism.

There is no such thing as “Capitalism” an economic concept that doesn’t even exist so how can it be evil (or the cause of greed) .We have a banking cabal’s  economic monopoly its called Banksterism if an Ism or  concept is needed to define the economic structure of the world.These banksters loan private money they create from debt to all govts( corporations) thus controlling them.

Rothschild : Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws/ legislation/rules .

Puppets and the crumbled  Democracy Dogma

The cabal selects political candidates, runs the bias and unfair media campaign with its media conglomerates that is the election process  and chooses PM & Presidents   not the people . They are the banking cabal’s puppets as seen from the show as we see actions of not individual nations but globally unified govts( under banksters UN shadow govt).For who is it that under the psyop COVID19 that maintains power and creates wealth from increased ” COVID” debt but the Banksters and their corporations and institutions. Lets face it we all saw the failures of the systems in place,  the inhumanity of it all .There was a public uprising we were stirring in our sleep before the psyop criminalized peaceful protests, gatherings  and paralyzed people’s minds with fear.

Its now a time to choose fear or Love.

We do get to choose Love or fear.

And we co create this world.


“Love like there is no tomorrow. Stop thinking about what it means; start loving. If we did that, this world would be a different place today.”
— Prem Rawat

” You are not IN the are the universe- and intrinsic part of it.Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself” ET

If their important lesson were learnt the problems of this world, including the fascism, would not be.

Know thyself is the lesson.


corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, totalitarian, Tyranny

The UN’s push for a global mandatory vaccine .

Millions die each year  due to a lack of water and food  and yet the UN (the  cabal’s shadow govt) hasn’t pushed for “mandatory” clean water and food for every human being on the planet.

This is what is needed and these basic needs could have been met  if not for bankster’s govt’s funneling billions of dollars to developing vaccines, fictional “man made global warming” , invasions, bailouts to corporations,  banks and  funding conflicts.

The US H.R.6666 bill would allocate 100 billion annually  for fiscal year 2021 and any other subsequent fiscal years that are declared a  plunder-demic . So instead of  funding clean water and food $100 billion to enforce mandatory  testing for “an alleged  virus”.$660 Million was spent on 30+ Field Hospitals in the US , most didn’t have patients . . And the flow of money wasted in the name of covid19 goes on and on. BRICS  allocated $15 billion to the New Development Bank  so that it could  set up special loan instruments  for govts to borrow  ( *in the people’s names) to meet the costs of  responding to the  UN’s false flag “coronavirus plundemic”. Oh the banking cabal have plenty of funny money they use to  create their wealth…  but only  for what they want. The increased debt and borrowing  from the psyop COVID19 is making them even wealthier. So it seems govts can borrow any amount for tyranny but not for human needs.Where is all the money for food and water,  for what is   beneficial to humanity.


Link to Dr. Pascal Sacré questioning the insane priority of UN vaccination vs us being human beings).

I do not agree with pascal that there is any “new deadly disease called COVID19” caused by a new  “sars corona2 virus”.  As there is no evidence and the ( meaningless)CDC PCR tests state they cannot be used  to diagnose a disease. All elderly and ill people’s deaths   which were wrongly recorded as caused by COVID19 are just normal morbidity  numbers for winter season (having had their immune systems lowered by stress and fear). None being tested for influenza/multiple established respiratory diseases with exactly same symptoms.

But Pascal’s  is a good alternative narrative in a  time to look at what we want in this world vs the insanity that is going on.