Miasma & the Germ hypotheses .

These are not theories ( as someone has wisely pointed out) as they were never proven.

Greco-Roman physician Galen (c. 130-201 C.E.)allegedly  spread a hypothesis that miasma was based on, saying  bad air  was  the cause of any disease . *Miasma (μίασμα) means “the stain of guilt” in Greek*. Interestingly  the ancient Greek idea that the medical hypothesis “miasma” came from  was closer to the truth,  guilt is a symptom  of the  unhealed/dissociated/split /ego mind . The ego mind with its total identification with the body,   thinking it is separate from its creator, thinking it created itself,  seeing through a filter of fear, fear  of retribution believing in its loneliness + helplessness… every part of it is the ” other” .  “Others”  that it can project its imaginary sins onto   which generates   attack thoughts which then causes guilt .

 Miasma ( the stain of the ego mind haha) was and is usually mistranslated as “pollution” in English, as there was  no one word concept in English that precisely corresponds to miasma. The British changed it to mean foul odor. And this was the British  ” medical theory of the day ” . Miasma. Bad air.

Take two leeches/tylenol and call me in the morning.

Roman scholar Marcus Varro  germ hypothesis  in the 1st century bc thinking
allegedly was then spread by Girolamo Fracastoro  (1546 Italy]  astronomer, poet  
Italian physician and  pope Vatican stooge.
 300yrs before Pasteur and Koch got credit for “succeeding” in convincing people to  believe in the new miasma.
By the end of 19th century, the germ hypothesis  of cause of disease thought became
dominant over the miasma hypothesis .

Both ideas  set up an egoic dream of “an impossible conflict with an invisible enemy”.

The medical complex with all its magick snake oil used  to treat effects of illness in the body when  to this day it still doesn’t even know what causes dis ease. It does not even know of the power of mind and in the dysfunction of the dr-big pharma- patient relationship it seeks to maintain the imagined  inequality and helplessness of the patient .

The  medical industrial complex and germ hypothesis  cult has always had a small number of  people thinking outside of it that did not believe in it.  I would say never as many as there are today ( thanks in part to convid and the growing awareness of the  dysfunctional system  failures).

Modern medicine is a bad joke.

With the convid psyop ( fear amplified by media through propaganda) seeing what was going on was fraud on a  global scale  helped a lot of people question that fearful germs are the cause of disease .
Soon with the fascism (from fear)   the idea of a freedom movement took hold and had people’s attention ergo  the Central banksters  launched into the  absurd  distraction of Russia vs Ukraine (fake war) narrative  .

1) Every time healthy people breathe in the same air as sick people and remain healthy it disproves the hypotheses . 

Add that to the fact ” Germs” were before convid said to  out number your cells  in the body (these  ” germs” being found in healthy people’s bodies) . And the fact there are no such things as ” viruses”.

You get the crazy fear based miasma/germ  hypothesis, totally  without a  sane basis looking much like  the same  medical hypothesis  Miasma. Both  ideas “Anxiety in the air“. Fear.

Break out the voodoo chickens.

Although medical  beliefs  have slightly changed from Miasma to Germs they are the same “ we still carry irrational anxieties around the air we breathe and how it might harm us“.

Ideas  believed, resisted  and spread are strengthened. Not to  believe them leads to  weakening of  thoughts.

Remember the wise old saying “what you resist persists”. There is no need to feel like you are fighting illusions  and the false. They are not real.   You just have to not believe in it to weaken it  and in doing so and instead spreading the truth you then bring light into the world… teaching  peace and sanity.

In choosing love over the fear paradigm  as we are together all is possible. Humanity is one. All fear based ( separatist ) wrong thinking makes unpleasant surroundings (environment), inner
pollution makes for outer pollution.

Dis ease is from the unhealed unwhole mind.


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