The White Paper

I am hoping readers know that in this illusionary world the central banking economic( political and media mind programming) monopoly appoints presidents of its central banking nations( corporations). The calling for a president to resign does nothing. Since it was BBC journo covered , a UN sanctioned protest, fascists talking about ending “communism” I am as always skeptical of the media . The convid19 scam was started in China for a reason. The Chinese people were seen as the most likely to set a good example of locking themselves up . The detainment( or rather the self imprisonment ) idea done in ignorance was left on the table as something the false “ authority”( State ) could convince brain washed people to do to themselves at any time . In China even with 2 million active military personnel the people outnumber them by about 700 to 1 .

Even if you are skeptical of the need to shift from fear to love you must by now understand how MK ULTRA works. It works on fear. Mind control for the State ( of unconsciousness)fear is the business of the corporate media.

Enlightenment( another word for being present in the NOW) is no longer a lofty/ spiritual idea, its very practical and necessary .

The egoic mind( the past in you and self identification with ) is a “fear- attack thought cycle factory’ and a rule is the energy you put out comes back to you. This ego is not who you are. The ego is insane.

The media mongols use the ego’s unconscious feelings of guilt that are often projected onto a brother wherein he is then condemned, punished and/or crucified. The making enemies (or us vs them). The isolation and separatist agenda. The “ man made climate change” psyop is all about fear, guilt and punishment .

Only by knowing who you are( beyond name and form)in the present moment can you be free from these relentless media mind programs and manipulations ( *or by turning it all off). All the so called alt media reads the same: The one narrative (of the ego).

Self knowledge is knowing yourself as guilt-lessness, sin-less and you look upon your brother fully present in the present moment( free from ego/the past in you and them) and see that the past( ego) was a barrier to forgiveness , true communion and communication . It is the opposite of a media psyop with its memes of isolation, separation, guilt, constriction and scarcity.

Ditching the fear( past). Looking within . Its not scary , difficult or religious, its your natural state and your birthright .

When your true authority is Love, being and knowing all the insane media State psyops( conditioned beliefs) of the world are not real and so they are not reacted to or strengthened . You no longer give it your stamp of reality.

MK ULTRA. Just fear and illusions. Smoke and mirrors.


2 thoughts on “The White Paper

  1. It looks like the Chinese are also now pushed into this, “fear, guilt and punishment” with lockdowns and food shortage. And that means, Taiwan is prepared years ago for them just like Donbas for Russia.

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