Post the covidapocalypse

Seems many are stuck in the past playing the blame game (and have a condition known as faucism). They are essentially attacking and crucifying one central bankster’s puppet . Millions believed him, do you start crucifying them too? This in my opinion is not helpful or healing. Teaching fear ( feeding the ego)is not healing. This fear addiction( of which outrage is a subset) is a problem.

I spent a good deal of time spreading the truth about convid19 while it was happening. But its over and we need to be present . We also need to ditch the addiction to the media narrative( inc controlled opposition /alt media) that offers distortion and false perceptions , its not Reality . Its more like hell.

On Fear https://notpublicaddress.wordpress.com/2022/03/01/twitter-wars/

Governments as God. EGO as God https://notpublicaddress.wordpress.com/2022/03/17/the-antidote-to-wokeism/

Then I saw the need of a shift and of healing . The need to instead of the effects address the cause of all this insanity and the wrong beliefs( false thoughts). I dont want to teach fear so I made a decision to teach love. A very unpopular subject it would seem?

We all know that there was no disease called covid19, that it was a psyop. Many have learnt that “ viruses” are not real either. These discoveries leave space to question illness and really take a hard look at the medical model in the business of dis empowering and keeping people sick . We see that in the present ( “modern medicine “)there are more ill and unhealthy people than ever. All of you can see the crumbling dysfunctional egoic systems that just market more falsities in order to try to justify the false. They do not require your belief as they are absurd.

The mass insanity gets clearer. This is actually good as now the chaos of the mind is making so much noise you cant ignore it and we must bring all the darkness into the light of awareness to transform it . This , the ways of ignorance and fear, is unwanted and must be changed. And only you can change it and in the present moment. Nothing and no one can make that decision for you, the choice you have is to choose fear or love. Fear makes you weak and the ego tells you attacking “others” will make you strong . The ego is fear, once you see the phantom that fear is then the power of the ego to master you fades like a dream.

Love is where your strength lies. This is the only sane choice you can make in this mind made world( matrix).

I know that is the same train you are on, your function here is to bring healing and in Reality it is to create.



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