Where is this train headed?

From exposing convid19( and the old dysfunctional medical- political system) towards a new system of healing.

Though researching the govt-media’s psyops on wordpress I have increasingly found I write less about the effects and more about the cause. More about the clear need to shift from a paradigm of fear to love .

We’ve see how ( false thoughts) lies are amplified and spread by media , we see how the false thoughts manifested an illusion, a media metaverse ( the pseudo pandemic of fear). The fear contaminant (eg thoughtform “ covid19”) spread and we need to learn from this so we stop continually repeating the past. The truthful thoughts about the debunked germ theory have spread also, but only to those that are not lost in the grip of fear. The truthful thought that is an antidote to fear of “ germs” has its importance. Also debunking the never proven 1861 germ theory also increases the understanding that we have had many false thoughts that we have collectively believed.

ACIM on Thoughts: “I have no neutral thoughts.

The idea for today is a beginning step in dispelling the belief that your thoughts have no effect. 2 Everything you see is the result of your thoughts. 3 There is no exception to this fact. 4 Thoughts are not big or little; powerful or weak. 5 They are merely true or false. 6 Those that are true create their own likeness. 7 Those that are false make theirs.

There is no more self-contradictory concept than that of “idle thoughts.” 2 What gives rise to the perception of a whole world can hardly be called idle. 3 Every thought you have contributes to truth or to illusion; either it extends the truth or it multiplies illusions. “ACIM

Belief in the thoughts( narrative) weakens or strengthens it . Withhold belief in the false thoughts (narrative) and it weakens( we saw this with the “monkeypox” flop).

There is no doubt that humanity is at a critical point in its evolutionary journey toward transcendence of egoic dysfunction and a more awakened consciousness.
When we meet with loss, disruption of our lives or any kind of adversity, there is not only DANGER, but also OPPORTUNITY.
There are two dimensions to the danger we are faced with collectively, particularly at the present time. On the one hand, there is the real possibility of experiencing adversity on the level of physicality, such as sickness, loss of livelihood, natural disasters, social and economic breakdown, violence, and so on. Life in the realm of physicality is, of course, fleeting and precarious even in the best of times.
More fundamentally, however, the danger is of an inner nature. It is the possibility of a serious deterioration in our mental/emotional state, our state of consciousness. This happens when we are overcome by reactivity and then find ourselves at the mercy of unconscious forces such as fear, anger, despondency, nihilism, or rigid and unquestioned collective thought forms that seek to assert tyrannical control over our lives. Loss of critical thinking happens when thinking is no longer rooted in awareness. 
When awareness is lost, we easily become possessed by the hive-mind as represented by our mainstream and social media. Our rational faculties are seriously impaired and our decision-making turns dysfunctional. This exacerbates rather than alleviates our problems. In other words, we regress to a lower level of consciousness and are completely in the grip of the collective ego.
When we recognize that the greatest danger we are facing is the loss of consciousness rather than any external situation, we begin to see the OPPORTUNITY that opens up when faced with major challenges.
“Eckhart Tolle

Though I have posted the ET quote above a year ago, found it again and its just as important to remember now.

I recommend ACIM to all.( But the language used can be seen as religious) The words God and the voice of spirit are both words that put off people who have learnt the collective hive minds egoic (negative) meanings and beliefs about the words .


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