Eric and the Poo

Controlled opposition’s mind control games.

Controlled opposition player Eric Francis Coppolino the white house’s astronomer (that is praised by NY times ) in the latest  “ expose” in which he spreads the  discrediting of a discredited actor ( Poornima Wagh) . Essentially by doing this he( *his bosses) aim to discredit the truth. Which cant be discredited in this case. The relative truth I am referring to is that “viruses” dont exist as there is no evidence to prove they do and it follows there is no proof “ viruses” cause dis -ease either. The many Controlled opposition players like the Oligarhy’s Eric worm their way in and associate with good people that are trying to get the truth out there. The other meme he was selling /spreading was that the Rockefeller retired media spokesman puppet/scapegoat Fauci was the one mastermind behind the psyop covid19. So be careful out there folks, mind control is still their goal and its focused on implanting  memes  in the ones that dont believe the media and know about the convid19 scam that lead to the global  debunking of  the 1861 germ theory.


4 thoughts on “Eric and the Poo

    • Its the same propaganda embedded in a slightly different story( with a twist). Yes and all the controlled op media run the same stories eg 1)pretending covid is real but use horse wormer.
      2) covid is real but dont wear a mask.
      Some like CJ distracted with ” free”CIA agent Assange and the CO Pro Russian anti American memes.
      What look do they have on their face? The same smirk as a spewsreader I would imagine since they now have so many followers and are helping to deceive so many- just like mainstream.

      • Look at Max Igan, Sonia Poulton from BNT or Alex Jones . They are very entertaining but tell us and even show us the same thing as the government.. They even show the main stream video’s.

      • I have not looked at those, I avoid Alex Jones as he spreads fear and anger. There are tiers of controlled opposition, some more subtle knowing how much the people reading are aware of . The CO blogs are used for the fear memes placed into comments section just as much as the blog memes .

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