Controlled Opposition

The ” new mainstream” .

I have written a bit about controlled opposition media when I saw the switch from mainstream to a vastly increased network of Controlled Opposition web sites used to maintain the Big lie in media psyops( RT, ZH, Off shoot of Guardian, RFK jr , CJ, woking times etc) . All of them maintained the one narrative( ie that  “covid19” is a real new disease and is caused by a sars cov2 virus). They were important to the Deep State as belief in media as a source makes or breaks a psyop narrative.  Remember the media tell you loudly they have been biffed off twitter/fakebook in order to give them street cred.

A common giveaway for controlled opposition is how they use fear( emotion) , distractions, dis empowerment and half truths. All those that argued  masks/ using horse wormer instead of pointing out there was no pandemic and no “ virus”( or “covid19”) were deluded or controlled opposition.  Controlling the dialect. No debate  on if  there was a new disease/”virus” they just argue details (as the devils in them). They then at the end argued against ” vaccines” when there was no such thing as covid19 and there were no vaccines. (It was a Pfizer human GMO trial with some undisclosed contents).

There were many CO web sites that kept up the covid19 narrative until they discovered that many followers did not believe and they had to switched mind control tactics . Eventually they acknowledge some half truths while  still trying their best  to keep the people dis-empowered, ignorant  and fearful( anger is a subset of fear and the us vs them meme and egoic stuff works well on sleepers) .  When the freedom movements were growing, sprouting up globally, the twitter war appeared as a red herring.

People have become very ADD  and so they can be easily distracted. Many  people are addicted to fear  and also to the (dis)information that the media CO provides  as they know less and less they are  believers  .  Looking through the filter of a fear based mind they are negatively biased as to what they will believe,  anything that makes them fearful or feel guilty is taken in . The negativity bias.

The court cases.

Almost all of the legal battles following the start of the convid19 were run by controlled opposition . In the case of controlled opposition through the lawyer that represents plaintiffs ( and State also control the courts) you control the legal outcome. An example of this is lawyer Reiner Fuellmich who submitted false facts in his testimony that there was a “virus” and “corona” thus he maintained the big lie “ covid19”.  Down under in New Zealand lawyer Sue Grey botched and buggered up the case.  In Africa “ Show the virus “ Dolores Cahill was sabotaging the case from inside  talking about ‘ viruses” during case updates. 

The truth does not require an injection of emotional jizim .

The truth  needs no defense.

Show us the virus  was a great thought as the responsibility  is on those who make claims to prove them, it is  not on those who ask for proof.

There has never been any  proof of threat.

By using and then publicly discrediting their actor Poornima Wagh the truth remains  unaffected.

The truth is not losing,  so who do you think would want you to believe that meme?


2 thoughts on “Controlled Opposition

    • The truth is also everywhere.
      We get to choose every moment fear or love and that is what we sign up to.
      The infiltration/sabotage of relative truth movements is very old stuff, I was surprised to read that people debunking the 1861 Germ theory dont understand egoic movements. Many are also falling down to the level of those deceiving, believing they have to fight/are in a conflict when spreading the truth doesn’t require it . You put rage/anger out there and its going to come back at you and I see it happening everyday. Fear based thinking( us vs them) . The truth is like light, it cuts through lies.
      Not everyone can see the truth, but its there none the less.

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