Why the world is bonkers.

Cause and effect .

The world is a manifestation( effect) of our inner state( cause).

Its an effect so to change it we need to address it on the casual level. Human unconsciousness.

Majority of people in the grip of fear and totally taken over-by and identified with their media imbibed thoughts and feelings.

It seems normal to be angry at blame and attack media scapegoats like Fauci and co but that just adds to the noise . Far better it is to not be possessed by thoughts and feelings and to just speak the truth . Maybe people will listen to reasoning or the facts, maybe not… it doesn’t matter. Far better that they know who they are and how they can spread love and embody Self knowledge. As the cause of all this chaos we see in the world is the lack of Self knowledge. The total identification with the ego mind( with all its conditioning/beliefs/past).

If you wish to change the world you cannot ever do that by attacking it . I do waffle on about the paradigm shift that is needed right now, the shift from fear to love. This is huge and its happening at the same time as fear peaks and chaos appears to be growing. As Eckhart Tolle says your task is not to join in the crazy ( paraphrased).


3 thoughts on “Why the world is bonkers.

  1. Lynn Settle says:


    The way I see it, when joining a gym and signing up for a challenging resistance/cardio workout program, it doesn’t make sense to complain about the difficulty of the exercises, or the painfulness of those last few reps, or how irritating the trainers are.

    It makes more sense that we should quit complaining about the gym’s conditions and simply focus on pursuing the program we’ve signed up for. Like Tony Horton says, “Do your best and forget the rest.”

    And besides, it’ll all be over soon enough. In the meantime, I wanna see a few more reps. Let’s do it!

    • I should add that many of us forget this is not our normal existence. It’s an exercise session. A workout. Temporary.

      But since we’re here, let’s lose some of that flabby ego and build up some spiritual muscle. Okay, let’s hit it!

      Watch and listen and feel. [Deep breath] Watch and listen and feel. [Hey you people in the back! Quit talking and pay attention!] Watch and listen and feel. [Let’s BREATH people!]

      [overheard whisper] Hey. When we get out of here do you want to join me for a yogurt?

  2. Hi Lynn

    Yes so many get lost and think the media memes,symbols, existence as a body-mind and think this and the world are the ultimate Reality.
    They take what the world tells them for their goal + purpose and spend a lifetime suffering asleep to their being( Reality).

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