Why everyone is “religious”

Recently I was kindly outed  as not being a professional journalist(  haha ) and was called religious.  Being labelled as ” religious” and it was suggested this meant I was an  untrustworthy source of  the truth.

It begs the following questions of these two  conditioned indoctrinated beliefs and about trust.

 1) Should only professional writers be trusted?

Why would someone think that  when its actually mostly grammatically correct  media journos that are lying to people and spinning the one narrative.

And 2) Am I religious?  2b) If so because of this do I lack credibility and should I not be trusted?

I always thought  of the word religious as Webster’s meaning ” a member of a religious order under monastic vows” .

I am not a member of any religious order nor do I follow monastic vows. But if someone is that would not disqualify them from being able to speak any  truth .

The other definition  of religious  points to the fact  everyone is religious “relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity

Everyone is devoted to a reality whether it be the false reality of the  media metaverse or just a world of fear, separation and  conditioned beliefs(subjective  reality with a little r ). Just because their deities are false( idols)  they are still all overtly religious (sic). The wokels are devotedly worshiping the govt’s (media spread) one narrative as their mass formation acknowledged reality. Wokeism is a new PC religion that came from the media journalists grammatically correct superspread fear( convid19)psyop . Wokeism where your only source of information is the disinformation from the govt( media). The Central bankster’s Govt is their deity .

But a few are knowingly seeking, acknowledging or  experiencing the Ultimate  Reality ( beyond the senses and mindfuel of  the media’s well written , overly emotive, grammatically correct false reality).

All human beings are religious( *not a noun).

Who should you  trust and why ?

Trust yourSelf .

Because your inner Self is being,  knowing and loving.

It is wisdom.


4 thoughts on “Why everyone is “religious”

  1. I agree. Being an atheist doesn’t mean you hate or deny God. It means you can’t drink coffee with Him. And you have no idea of how “He” is. So you fall back to what works.. Keeping the back of your head open to more..

    • An atheist is said to be a person who does not believe in the existence of God . But these people that call themselves atheists are not atheists really as they believe in idols /false gods and yet do not know it. The govt, current pseudoscience, the one media narrative, fear etc are all worshiped by atheists as gods .
      Having God wrongly defined a long time ago by the ruling class(ego mind) as a vengeful angry judgemental old man sitting in the clouds waiting to punish you didnt help spread awareness.

  2. Trakledj says:

    Your piece answers your own question no. 2b — you should NOT be trusted as a religious person.

    Because what you’re doing is to conflate different issues to make yourself look trustworthy, which of course makes you exactly untrustworthy.

    You misleadingly and falsely claim everyone (and not just religious people) is “devoted to a reality” as if there are thousands of false idol realities besides the religious false idol “reality” and nothing else.

    No. There is only one objective reality, that which exists. All other false idol “realities” like the religious “reality” are fantasies … delusions.

    So while most non-religious people hang on to a variety of false idol “realities” (fantasies) a very rare few people, apart from them and the religious false idol fantasy folks, are devoted to objective reality.

    Study the essay “The 2 Married Pink Elephants In The Historical Room” ….

    But I’m quite sure you, as an untrustworthy person, will find another sneaky self-deceiving way to twist the inconvenient objective reality to fit your false idol religious fantasy “reality” …. Like your wrong statement “All human beings are religious” …

    False statements and falsehoods and fantasies never modify the objective reality, the truth, no matter how long and often and persistently you chant these delusions.

  3. You need to read the article as clearly I tell people to trust themselves .

    NO proof of threat is the elephant in the room.
    One should not not rely on sources/essays that do not have any evidence of ” covid19″ or the “sarscov2″ virus at all .
    Proof of threat is required the article link you posted provided none.

    Vitamin C is indeed useful for minimizing cold and flu symptoms, but Vit C’s efficacy in treating the cold and flu symptoms doesn’t prove that CONvid19 exists. There was no logic or reasoning in your provided essay just the same old sneaky non sequiturs. The author of your link has been as asked to provide proof of his claim ” CONVID19 and… surprise he doesn’t have any .

    You should know that your repeating something (a meme the media said) doesn’t make it so.
    You think what you perceive is objective , which is an error in thinking.
    You give an excellent example of how religious you are … worshiping as through real a false
    subjective media (UN)reality that your mind has created.

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