Twitter wars

The establishment is trying to start a war by lying and saying there is a war. Russia vs Ukraine started as a virtual war by twitter (twitter being mind controlling media run by the eye/intel ). Just as 9/11 (domestic terrorism ) started a war entirely based on media lies.

I dont even know how many wars and conflicts the Central banking cabal’s corporate media has started . I think all of them . Wars are hate in action they are started with corporate media lies and fear.

The cabal lost the battle in the covid19 psyop, the truth got out too many know and so they are not afraid . They are trying to get up fear levels in order to maintain the illusions, control, and get support for the fake war. The state of people is important. This is where our power is in its peace and love. Where there is peace there is no war , and we have never given peace a chance. The peaceful global Freedom protests were full of the spirit of Ghandi and they had public support, the corporations had to quickly go to distraction of marketing a war. A red herring “is something that misleads or distracts from a relevant or important question. It leads readers or audiences toward a false conclusion”.

The covid psyop marked the way for this new insanity by saying a virtual ” virus” was real and a threat to everyone. Everyone was a threat and everyone needed to adopt anti social behaviors and distance wear mask to try to convince others of the invisible threat. Abuse of antibacterials and attempted unhealthy separation from environment with sanitizers was another “real thing” that gave illusion to the non existent big Lie. Our power to give reality gave it a reality in minds.

2022 and its a full blown virtual media metaverse that some people are totally lost in.

Its fear.

Give the media unreality no attention and this weedy channel of fear and lies will shrivel up. Or like many are doing bring the light of consciousness and truth to the media, a dark unconscious place. Or provide the truth directly to people.

Our task as human beings is to remember who we are. To shift the way we have thought for a long time. The way we were taught to think is a fear based thought process, we urgently need to move our thinking process into love, then to transcend thought.

Our inner state manifests our outer world. Look at the chaos fear has created and imagine the beauty of a world of love.


4 thoughts on “Twitter wars

  1. Thank you for your voice of reason and sanity, here, bdbinc.

    The media — MSM and the majority of so-called “alternative media” — are nothing but souled-out presstitutes. They work for corporations run by dark occultists, and will read any script handed to them in order to keep their cushy jobs, which are really just to keep the parade of 99% lies, distractions, and obfuscations moving 24/7/365. It’s why I call them “career clowns.”

    It was sometime around 2010 when I learned the truth about 9/11, vaccines, and human nutrition that I stopped trusting the media at all. I was always questioning things, but I never knew just how much we have been lied to (pretty much about everything on some level) until 2012 when I returned to college to study perhaps the only discipline that is helpful to keep our reason/logic and sense of creativity: Communication Studies (aka, Speech Communication, or Mass Communication).

    It is very interesting how that degree program became the most denigrated in the late 70s/early 80s when everyone joked that all the college athletes got their degrees in Communication because “it’s the easiest discipline in which to get passing grades.” That is certainly not true from my personal experience. I was in classrooms with many athletes who struggled under the rigorous research, writing, and yes, THINKING requirements. Most of them had private tutors (I was one of those tutors) and they spent a lot of time with the instructors in office hours just to get the “C” they needed to stay on the team. I’m not calling athletes stupid — on the contrary, many were extremely bright, and I wouldn’t know who until they started sharing in class, or they asked me to read their writing — I’m saying the that discipline most derided is about learning to DISCERN in a world where we have been not only lied to constantly, we have been slowly, continuously mind-controlled by images, sounds, and words to beLIEve certain things, to trust certain people, and to normalize certain ideas and things, none of which is any good for us.

    That said, I wrote a post on my Substack blog (I’m moving away from WordPress) that goes along with yours here quite well, if you are interested in reading it:


    You might like my “betrayal” article, too!

    • Hi Sharine.
      Yes I did like your articles. Its very nice to find people that can perceive and expose this illusory Orwellian metaverse( poli-media) at the time of peak BS.

      • Yes, bdbinc. We need to know that we’re not alone in our perceptions of this black magic projection of “reality,” regardless of how small and scattered our “tribe” appears.

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