Nietzsche’s grasping for a word for the enlightened human being came up with this: ubermensch more of an ideal person . Enlightenment is the true deepest desire from which all egoic desire stems . A state of being fully aware, present in the NOW, feet on the earth and head in the heavens. So its ironic that Nazi’s, possessed by the egoic thought form “we are master race” (flip side of this thought is the shadow self’s unconscious deep fear of being inferior )- believed the ideal human being (enlightened) was about a race. Then a made up enemy the Untermensch ( inferior race and people ) was created and they were dehumanized.

Connection to Awareness/God/Spirit this state of enlightenment( being) is the “ideal person” ( ironically it is the removal of the fake problematic person). How easy the Orwellian Reich changed the meaning of the word ideal person into a ” superior race” . We can see much better with hindsight knowing this thinking to be ” wrong” . One day I hope we will all look back and see with the same vision how humanity in 2020 was totally lost in a fear trance and possessed by an untrue thought ” covid”. A media spread thought that linked to and associated with death created fear ( and the fascism that comes from fear) . We were not all aware of the psyop at the start, totally mind identified and possessed by though-forms so it was another burning witches, crusades moment in human history. The history of insanity really.

It is happening again

As humanity is really one being we had some of our “question everything” critical thinker cells that early on in the psyop communicated the truth to everyone, that there was no new deadly “virus” no ” covid19” and they were quickly labelled deniers, and worse by those that own the corporate media and use fear to control.

Years later many many people at least now know that they are being lied to by govts ( media). Conspiracy theory mainstreamed last year. But many still believe in ” covid” or are in fear, as much of the media alt right conspiracy outlets job is to dispense fear and predictive mind programs in an alternative dialog. BUT I have noticed that more people are aware of the alt right calling it out for what it is. ZH, RT, ET, CJ, AJ all the same alt right media group with the same memes.

People are protesting the illegal mandates. The freedom movement comes from love. As what we want is freedom, freedom from fear, freedom from the egoic state of consciousness. I do not believe this love based freedom movement would have happened without the challenges.

The shift from fear to love.

It can even start with being aware of what thoughts am I thinking, are they fear thoughts( attack judgements) ? Being aware of your inner state so that when these negative thoughts/ feelings come up you do not get taken over by them and think it is you.

So it has taken us some time but the relative truth about the psyop has come out, the freedom movement is full of people with the impulse to move from the fear to love. Now outside the media metaverse we see desperate govts looking exposed, still lying and trying to divide and conquer us. Remember the dear frightened out of their wits wokels living in a meaningless metaverse of threats are humans and we err when we dehumanize them and turn them into enemies.

Inner freedom . Self knowledge .That is the goal for humanity, not an ideal, a utopia or a thought form and it is the only real freedom there is.


2 thoughts on “TheÜbermensch

  1. lynnthoma says:

    For a while there the globalists had cornered the market on fear. The entire world succumbed to tyranny as their covid created levels of worldwide fear not seen since the last world war.

    But covid’s not working like it used to. People are thumbing their noses at the pandemic. Some are even getting flip about it. Mask wearing is way down. Vaccine hesitancy is no longer ridiculed outside the controlled media. Anti-vaxxers are even becoming fashionable. Protests are growing. Legal actions are bringing the deception to light. Damn. What do do?

    Orchestrated war. Of course. This tried and true technique has allowed the globalists to manage nations for centuries. Fear will again skyrocket. Destruction. Suffering. Death. How glorious. What a time to be a globalist!

    Or maybe not. People today aren’t the sleepwalking sheep they once were in the previous world wars. Nowadays using war to manage the world might be pushing the globalists’ manipulation constructs too hard. If it falls apart, oh boy. Be sure to leave in time to get safely ensconced in your secret bunkers, or off to your mysterious outer lands. Safe travels.

    • Yes its good to see many are onto the MO of the central banking cabal( media lies). The old ” Russia” cold war crap ( also based on fear) isn’t working as they wanted .

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