Abuse of power.

That is what is happening in the Canadian govt, it is a fact .

We have peaceful protesters for freedom against govt tyranny.

There is no emergency in the action of the protest Canada, it would be an emergency if there was no Freedom protest .

We have the criminally insane govt that ran and still run a covid19 psyop on the people destroying many livelihoods, breaching laws, rights and freedoms. So its irony that now in another failed attempt to try to stop lawful protesters by declaring a false emergency the corporate crim’s are saying the peaceful law abiders are doing what they do . Its always Orwellian talk from the Govt.

The Psyop covid is the crisis, when humanity got taken over by fear. When they believed the lies from govts media cowering in fear they consented to give up freedom in return for the govt promise of safety. Easy to promise safety from that which does not even exist. In exchange for their freedom of movement and of association, privacy rights, human rights and civil rights we now have the dangers of the govt psychotic abuses of power.

New levels of crazy and human rights violations seen in all central banking nation’s govts with the global protests. Different nations are all doing the same psyop covid with the same draconian and unlawful actions and yet the fact of a shadow global govt still escapes the hypnotized masses.

Though you may feel distance between you and the protesters you are one with them. Your inner peace, support and love has and will grow the movement. A movement in consciousness, a manifestation of growing consciousness that is coming out of a collective backwards downward spiral of total mind identification regression(and fear) .

Love always wins. And inner freedom is the primary and true goal.


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