The Mandate .

Mandate is an act by which one person gives power to another to transact for him and in his name in one or several affairs. You have to provide your consent to a mandate( writ). Its a contract.

The Pfizer MRNA trial is illegal in its very essence and no one can coerce or try to force another human being to consent to participate in a medical experiment.

I dont believe the central banking cabal’s corporation(s) even wrote a mandate People were just told there is a mandate by media and in a letter from employer that they have to get injected by X date( part of an employment contract) .

Its not judicial mandate, I’ve not seen an injection mandate from any judicial process in any nation. I’ve not seen any fictitious mandate (” injection in a trial” ) /contract either … what an obscene idea . The mandate is a breach of your original employment contract, no one has participation in GMO MRNA trials written into their employment contract! ( *unless they are in a contract with Pfizer as paid trial GMO trial guinea pig).

No contract.

I did not agree to that, I do not even agree that a corporation has any authority over me.

“Definition of Mandate According to
Black’s Law Dictionary
Mandate: written command given by an authority to an agent (member of public) /
contract by which one person requests another person to agree voluntarily to a service.
It only becomes effective when the mandatory agrees. Therefore, a mandate only
becomes mandatory upon agreement. Mandate requests without consent bear no
obligation. There is a difference between a mandate and law.
Mandate Meaning
Legislation is written using legalese of which attributes different meaning to the words
in the English language. When legislation “states” an instruction must be followed, e.g.:
wear a mask or social distance, what it really means is “you may wear a mask” or “you
may social distance” respectively. Basically, legislation asks for consent. To find out the
meaning of words used in legislation look them up in Black’s Law Dictionary. Everything
in this system is governed using legislation and at its foundation it is consent based,
your compliance with legislation is you consenting to it by default.
Do Not Be Deceived
Know Your Rights

Have authority over yourself ( anarchy).

It is important people understand that the corporations (your govt is a corporation) lie for control over you and for their financial gain. Making money off you by using your legal “person”(creating debt in your name) by (mis)administering what is your legal person (aka “strawman”). Then double dipping by taxing you .

May you spread the truth about the ” mandates” that they are not legal or mandatory if you do not agree to it. To all those protesting the mandate, these injection mandates are just another fraud perpetrated by fascist govts.

Breach of contract.

All those fired for not getting injected in the trial have been wrongfully dismissed and their employer is in breach of law and needs to pay them damages. People need to not quit and not just stop going to work let the govt minions tell you in writing (or record it)1) that you are fired and 2) what you are fired for! Then get a lawyer as you’ve been harmed .

Ignore the so called injection mandates, they are illegal and unlawful, don’t provide your consent.


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