Mass psychogenic illness

Look at how the corporate media attacked the credible psych professionals that coined and use the term “Mass formation psychosis” . The media said the hive mind doesn’t exist ( haha) they said the term is “not appropriate” . And yet it captures the collective possession by fear(the thought-form covid) quite aptly. ” Covid” the trauma- fear causing the neurological freeze response (submission) and culminating into a louder and more obvious state of the collective unconscious insanity .

I agree its case of mass nuttiness but have a slightly altered perception /different take on this than Mattias Desmet as we don’t need 4 conditions for the hive mind/collective unconscious.

1) Our minds( which are not our brains) are not separate, we are all connected.

2) Since the majority of humanity are living in an egoic state , this is a state of fear( static buzz of anxiety) which makes humans highly susceptible to media hypnosis/mind control. People are run by the conditioned programmable mind( ego).

I joke that personality( ego) is a disorder, being mastered by mind conditioning( ego) is a dis-order.

And as the majority of humanity are totally mind identified they are very much in a state of “thought possession” . The cycle where the fearful thoughts generates the emotion fear, which energize the thought is a vicious cycle. Which is why there is an urgent need to transcend thought.

3) Majority are living disconnected as just separate egos in a world of fear( not of love )this world they perceive through a filter of fearful thoughts tells them the world is meaningless, and that makes them fearful.

So I say in this unconscious state humanity has been in a mass formation psychosis even before the psyop covid. Human history screams a history of insanity. It is positive that more people are seeing the mass insanity now. That is the rising of sanity.

Its interesting how many psychologists noticing the mass hypnosis and group crazy themselves do not question and still believe in the “covid19” even when it is totally without any proof.

Modern psychology does not look at or deal with the ego. Ego the phantom , the false sense of who you are . Modern Psychology have a Big Pharma Bible on mental illness/disorders (DSM). One personal opinion of the effects of a human being’s trauma (no tests) all lead to a label to hold the condition in place and for drug treatment. Like the rest of Rockefeller’s medical system it is dysfunctional and it urgently needs understanding of the mind and with that change.


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