Support goes out for virus hoax busting truth speakers Christine Massey and Tyler Berry.

The Canadian Bio statistician Christine had helped establish and published Reasonable suspicion in determining from multiple official information requests made to govts everywhere for proof of ” sars cov2″ that Govts did not have any proof of threat. No Govts/police have any evidence of an isolated /purified “sars cov2 virus” . And as they have no “virus” they also do not have any proof that if this non existent molecule was breathed in by healthy people it would cause disease. Which legally means there is no justification for any of the insane measures/rules evoked under ” covid” . All govt rules/mandates are without proof of threat and so are are unjustified, illegal and unlawful.

Recently she was terrorized by police who came to her house at 12 am without a war-rent to harass her and try to make a false arrest. https://www.fluoridefreepeel.ca/peterborough-medical-officer-served-notice-lies-to-police-re-fake-assault-attempt-police-arrest-innocent/.

“They ended up scurrying away without having arrested her because it was 100% clear they had zero grounds for an arrest, and they are in fact the ones doing the harassing and aiding criminals. “

Support and love goes out to them.

And its great and timely that more people are learning the Central banking Corporation’s legal system is not the Law. You are not a ” dead” strawman , you are life, you have power and rights so don’t let a criminal organization convince you otherwise.


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