The Simple Truth .

There is no sars cov2 virus.

There is no pandemic.

There is no new deadly disease ” covID19″

There are no “covid cases” and no one has died from ” covid19″

The unsafe and ineffective injection ( a medical trial) the corporate govts call a ” vaccine” doesn’t “vaccinate” anyone against anything.

The injection is not mandatory.

There is no proof of threat.

There is a need to ask for proof and as there is none we people who do not believe govt lies should not be defensive They have an obligation to provide us with proof for their nutty claims and they have not.

The Govt is a source of lies not the truth. Everyone use to know what pathological liars politicians were… so what happened? Did the psyop trauma and daily fearmongering help remove their memory , knowledge and reprogram their minds .Yes it seems it did. They are trapped in their minds, minds that are programmed and all information they get is seen thorough the filter of Orwellia- as Govt is the only source of info to them. They are (even with the couple of things they can do gained back from injections and nazi papers) totally jailed in their minds.


Freedom, the shift, is moving from a totally mind dominated state to the spacious state of being. This psyop ( based on fear) is a catastrophe or it is a huge challenge that we needed for transformation.

Key facts in the ” media spread thought/fear covid19 meme ” psyop.

  1. No govt has no proof of threat as the “sars cov2 virus” has not been isolated/purified to date.
    There is reasonable suspicion from OIA requests to govts that there is no proof of threat

2)On 10th of Jan 2020 a Chinese consortium got a random sample of dna and fetal bovine dna and ran a number of computer programs( next gen)to generate a 30k string of rna. Its 100% virtual but the world took it as real and no nation bothered to verify the Chinese CG genome or isolated /purified sars cov2.

3) There is no real test for ” covid19″.

The RT PCR test cannot even detect 1 whole transmissible virus.
It cannot be used to diagnose disease.
Its use to create “cases” is fraud.

4) As there is no isolated/purified “sars cov2” so there is also no proof that inhaling such a thing would cause disease in healthy people.

5) To have a new disease a new set of symptoms is needed.
“CovID19″ was said to have the exact same symptoms of the flu/cold.
As ” covid” is just the flu symptoms rebranded therefore there is no new disease. Certainly no pandemic.

*Do note that the same UN’s WHO said the alleged “2002 sars cov and MERS viruses” spread globally BUT without declaring a (pseudo) pandemic . The media stopped reporting the fake virus outbreaks and they disappeared. It is a fear based meme and it is media spread. Nothing more than a Chinese whisper that has made people full of fear, irrational, illogical and hysterical .

The only reason they could do this was because people believed the media and were in fear. Its hard to acknowledge but we co create(d ) fascism through our collective fear and beliefs( thoughts and feelings), fear of something that doesn’t exist . Fear of the phantom called fear. We collectively became addicted to fear and media information .We did this , so are we ready to undo it?

New potentials and miracles are always here and now. The paradigm shift, (like awakening), is a move from fear to love. From thinking to Being.

“Tara Singh in her book Nothing Real Can Be Threatened: Exploring a Course in Miracles thoroughly explores the origin of fear, how we perpetuate it, and how we can dissolve it.“Hard times may come in the world because we are ruled by fear. It is our responsibility to step out of fragmentation, bring our minds to noble thought, and extend humanism and goodness.”


9 thoughts on “The Simple Truth .

  1. If people would realize it is all fake, then they have to ask themself why the banking cabal’s govts are taking their freedom and rights away .
    Resetting a debt slave fear based world paradigm ….or pushing a shift . A transformation of human consciousness that could not happen without the massive challenges.

    Some things are beyond the limited human mind.
    Massively Edited (haha)

  2. Zod YinYang says:

    The big question remains unanswered: WHY?

    Only the sufficiently perspicacious recognise Covid as a psyop.

    Everyone else enthusiastically submits themselves to be injected with a poison.

    • WHY what ZOD ?
      For me the Big Question is ” Who are you?” the answer to the big question( the only important one- esp now ) answers every question.
      Are you asking why the fear psyop for continued mind control as the system( includes the Central bankers economic and political monopoly) are being seen as dysfunctional and crumbling.
      Or are you asking why do some people like power over others.
      Or why does the ego that is a phantom, a collection of past conditioning, constantly in fear of discovery and like to be master.
      Why is the govt acting like a manifested collective ego?

    • Zod YinYang says:

      Reframe the question/pose a different one. Redefine Koolaid.

      Come on. Confront the big one. Ask and answer.


      Perhaps you need more time?

      Trouble is, there isn’t much left…

      • I note you never answer your own vague questions.

        Why do you worry about the koolaid -Propaganda ?

        The big one is the answer to ” who am I “to “know thyself”.
        Part of the programming for the woke is to make people believe if they know what has been coined ” conspiracy theory “then they are enlightened. But they are not.
        You have not even asked or answered a real question, but asking ” Why?” over and over has served to make you look “sufficiently perspicacious”.
        Meanwhile your priming ” Why”? gets peoples minds active, external world focused, going crazy wondering what the propaganda is for and worrying about not having enough time . Hey the CIAMossadKGB would like your kinda meme programming Zod.

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