COVID19 operation, Love, Nazi , medical experimentation,GMO trial

Mu Moo.

Yeah “Mu” is said by media to be the hottest new fake variant of the fake computer generated “sars cov2” .

The launch of the new fake “mu” virus canon-balled and so they went back to using “Delta” ( a fake mutant which of course miraculously has the exactly same CDC patented PCR test primers and probes as for “sars cov2″). Dont even think about it- suspended disbelief is the key ingredient for this psyop. These fake ” viruses” can tell the time -infect at certain hours at night(thus the need for curfews ) and more importantly they also disappear completely when the media stops spreading them( like sars cov1 and MERS) .And also would disappear if people stop testing using the bogus tests.

What I want to see is all 100,000 computer generated fake registered variants the NIH has marched out at once.

Afghanistan is just a media led distraction.

No people have ever “won” in wars. Wars are hate in action. The wars all start on the bankster’s media spread lie. The Afghan culture pre invasion had child brides, was rapey and unconscious well before the Russian then American occupation + wars so the media memes around this premise that America caused( or leaving caused it) this to happen are again fake news . The global central banking cabal and their corporations profit off wars the taxpayers always foot the bill . Before the media’s Afghan distraction people were uniting in uprising for freedom against the govt and corporations( unlawful writs) mandates and tyranny . And so media telling them they ” lost the war” was a psychological tactic useful for the covid psyop. For if you believe and think you’ve “lost” you feel and think ( and so then act)like a looser. Defeated at the level of mind. Which is why we need to see( be aware of) all the media mind programming and so not let it subconsciously program us.

Or we can not listen to media and turn inwards which is of the primary importance . And the media distracts from that, it tells us that what it says(misinformation) is important when it is not as the one thing that is primary is our inner state. And it is almost paradoxical that “paying attention to attention” inner focus can change our outer world .

The controlled opposition media’s Ivermectin meme.

Ivermectin the anti parasitic drug big pharma use as a horse wormer .Seems they have let controlled opposition convince people to not argue about the existence of ” covid19″ just argue the treatment of it and to encourage its use . It also serves to make people that are against the GMO injections look stupid and insane if they suggest using a horse wormer . This horse wormer is another derailing media distraction as covid19 is not real and so it requires no treatment. If you get distracted and argue Ivermectin use instead of the non reality of ” covid19″ the psyop continues. The irony is many have a media spread parasitical mental infection . Parasites of the mind.

The end of the psyop just requires the non belief in it. Awareness.


6 thoughts on “Mu Moo.

  1. Erik Ziel says:

    If polyethylene glycol is not only used to disperse the graphene but also to protect the red blood cells from being damaged by the graphene. Then follow up injection are live saving for the vaccinated…

    • IF.
      Why would follow up injections be life saving?
      For the PEG would not stay floating around in the blood.
      I dont think toxin PEG is used for “protection” of anything but the GMO derived GM mrna which is very delicate fast to break down .
      I believe PEG will degrade in our body as our body has bacterial enzymes, they claim PEG will be excreted intact through our urine and faces but this is not so.
      I still have not seen evidence of the nano graphene oxide theory as one unverified claim I read said the injection was 99% nano graphene oxide (and that would kill instantly). I do not know what is in every injection . And what they say is in it is unsafe, insane medical experimentation on healthy people… a human GMO trial.

  2. When you tell the sheeple that covid is fake and no virus has ever been isolated, their heads explode. They can’t fathom the idea of a global psy-ops and tell you otherwise, because media told them. The brainwashing is mind-boggling.

    • Yes. Memorized by media a mass hypnotism.
      And the media has programmed them, in the us vs them meme -injected vs non injected , that people that don’t baaleive the corporate media are the ones that are brainwashed.
      Media consuming people are suffering from PFC shutdown, literally it is cognitive failure (from media terror psyop, resultant fear and trauma ).
      So it comes to us to not succumb to unconsciousness of the ego loving “us vs them” or reduce people to just the spew of their media implanted thoughts/feelings/beliefs.
      They are lost in it that is all.
      Possessed .

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