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Psyop covID19.

So we are in 2021 and people that are hypnotized by the media’s fear campaign still have no ability to use critical thought.

These poor people still do not know there is no proof of threat =no isolated/purified ” sars cov2 virus” or that the RT PCR test that cannot even find 1 whole transmissible ” virus ” so it cannot be used to create ” cases”. They have missed out on seeing what is a monumental fraud.

It is staggering for some that even the ” intellectuals” have fallen prey to the media psyop. Many still wonder about this and it is all because of the way a traumatized brain works. (Spoiler: Their prefrontal cortex got hijacked by fear.)

The “covid19” brain.

During a traumatic event, such as the media’s covid19 terror campaign, the survival brain( bypassing key logic and reasoning ) took over and knocked critical thinking offline. And the traumatized brain gets held hostage to threat cues long afterward . The media provides constant( fake)threat cues that are taken as real threats. The “covid19″possessed brain gets altered by the trauma and this neutralizes the client’s ability to problem-solve and reason. This prolonged state being in the ( flight/freeze/fight) sympathetic nervous system has lead to in some cases the rewiring of the brain and changes going all the way to the genetic level. Some people in the grip of trauma-brain with all its media mind programming have been described by their friends as having vacant stares and seem literally shut down, only able to recite media memes.

The widespread PTSD from the media’s psyop issuing long term stressors( fake threats that are perceived as real) and triggers.

To simplify the nervous system you have a parasympathetic system( rest/heal/ relax) and a sympathetic( stress/breaking down tissue, inflammation/flight/fight) system . The media psyop put most of us into the sympathetic nervous system for a time or as in the case of the majority ( plugged into media/technology) for over a year and a half.

Some people, post start of the 2020″ covid19 ” psyop, have not even moved into the parasympathetic nervous system ( healing, relaxing) . The media (or rather the consuming of it) has made it impossible. Constant new “fake threats” are presented by media almost every day and these are all treated by the covided brain as real.

Many have become strangely addicted to the medias negative content( fear, anger,racism, hopelessness, divide and conquer and doom porn). Though fictional the contents are interpreted by the PTSD brain as real threats. Which continues to hold people in a loop of sympathetic nervous system( freeze, fight, flight) and makes for long term brain rewiring.

Past unhealed trauma can be triggered by this and it can re emerge (and this can be very problematic in cases of the person not being conscious of past trauma or having repressed it- as in the case of childhood trauma ).

Studies have shown that trauma and PTSD affects the functions of the brains in multiple neg ways.

Likened to brain damage .

Trauma and the brain

When trauma such as PTSD is inflicted, lasting changes within the key brain can be created. Traumatic stress is typically associated with an increased cortisol and norepinephrine level in response to the cause of the stress. Traumas like physical and emotional trauma often lead to PTSD . PTSD can typically be a lifelong problem for most people, resulting in brain damage.

The PTSD covid19 brain in those that have been traumatized by the media campaign are likely to never feel safe, how can they when they consume the media misinformation fake threats like “delta” being used to re-traumatize .

Those who suffer from emotional trauma will often exhibit more fear of traumatic stressors than others. Often, any associated ( Fauci,Trump, “Delta”, Gates) stimuli can trigger over-activity in the amygdala ( area associated with emotions, survival instincts, and memory) if somehow connected to the traumatic event a person suffered from. In the psyop C19 everything was carefully associated with ” covid19″. So their traumatized brains are more likely to go back into freeze/fight /flight and get stuck in a vicious cycle . The effects of trauma on the brain also extends to the prefrontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that is responsible for executive functioning or higher-level thinking and reasoning.

This trauma and prolonged stress can also lead to chronic stress, body and brain inflammation, heightened and chronic fear, and increased irritation. This might also make it harder for those suffering to calm down or even sleep.

So in a summary the central banking cabal’s media psyop covid19 has caused as yet still totally unacknowledged and undisclosed mass trauma, stress, PTSD , even left many people in a state of reactive emotional hyper-vigilance with little/no PFC activity ( reasoning or logic), stuck in a constant loop of perceiving threats … it has literally rewired brains.

The picking sides meme.

The favorite media meme is divide and conquer, its always telling you to pick a side. This is a very egoic pattern, as soon as you try to mentally isolate yourself from other human beings, nature and the universe you are essentially attempting to solve a problem by creating another problem. The effect of using a dysfunctional traumatized brain that is still stuck in fight/freeze/flight mode ( us vs them). The person that thinks fight mode will somehow “solve the problem” of their stress/fear. That making enemies of ( & fighting with) the injected , brainwashed & traumatized people will solve anything.

What you put out there tends to come back.

I recommend no media (or min only -read or watched in a totally mindful state).

The majority of “alt right” media is more negative, engaged in fearmongering, so even many of those who know there is a virus hoax running (but are still in the grip of thought) have not grasped the true nature of the psyop or what it is to be possessed by the media spread thought-forms/memes.

So the solution is to be aware. Be aware of all feelings and thoughts in you and do this non judgmentally and with oodles of self compassion. Then through your acceptance and awareness of them can transform the energy and start to heal the trauma. Be the witness of your inner state. Spend as much time as you can in nature. Pay attention to and focus on the good in your life. We are giving way too much attention to what we don’t want .

We want freedom .But do we even know what that is? That truest freedom is freedom from the ego mind as the master.

If you wish to learn more about the effects of trauma on the brain :


“Stress is extremely harmful to the body. Even mainstream medicine now is recognizing how many diseases stress causes.

Stress is a form of suffering

Ray: When you realize you are stressed, what should you do?

Eckhart: First, you can be very much aware that when you are stressed, it always is a sign you have lost the present moment. So, you can choose to re-enter the present moment.

Even in a moment of stress, you can say, “OK, can I enjoy the doing itself? Can I enjoy the flow of energy of this moment?” And of course you can!

Then the future recedes. It becomes peripheral.

You know it’s there. You need to get there, yes. But you can enjoy the present moment, and you can be aligned with the doing.

A different state of consciousness, then, is the foundation for what you do. Presence flows into what you do.

Even though what you do may be the same, there is a fundamental difference: The energy that flows into what you do, although it may be high energy, is very peaceful energy”.


5 thoughts on “Psyop covID19.

  1. tritorch says:


    That sounds like a good solution. What would you say is the cause? Why are we so quick to accept the fake reality created by the media and allow those lies to cause such stress and damage – leaving us paralyzed to make logical choices? Why are we so eminently susceptible to divide and conquer scams which blind us to the truth of what our politicians are actually doing when those media reality distortion cameras are switched off?

    I think understanding the root causes and reasons for these mental blind spots and why we so easily fall victim to them may hold additional keys to overcoming them.

    Fear = Fight. Flight. Freeze. Fawn.

  2. lynnthoma says:

    It makes sense being aware is the solution. To be in the present moment.

    The problem is we’re all quite drowsy. Really sleepy. [Yawn] So very tired. Exhausted.

    Walking around in our comatose states, sure we can snap out of it for a moment. Become aware of our body. Our environment. Noises. Our skin. Our being-ness. Our connection with now-ness.

    But the relentless pull back into our hypnotic sleep soon overwhelms us. Our mind remains active, but that momentary consciousness is gone. We’re again lost in our dream-state of thoughts.

    So sum up… sleeping, awake!, sleeping, awake!, sleeping, awake!, sleeping

    Have you ever been dozing and had someone continually poke at you, waking you up? Isn’t that annoying? You tell them to leave you alone because all you want to do is drift off back to that wonderful sleeping state.

    I’ve watched a lot of Eckhart videos, and he gives me the impression he doesn’t like being asked how to go about waking up. It seems the question makes no sense from his point of view.

    I imagine someone sitting on the couch who has drifted off. A person sitting on a nearby chair says, “Hey. Wake up.”

    Half asleep, the couch person mumbles with closed eyes, “How do I do that?”

    They usually can’t wake up because they’re too sleepy. Must sleep. Glorious sleep. We all know that feeling.

    How can we become less sleepy? Obviously more sleep isn’t the solution. I guess we just wake up when we can, and remain awake for as long as we can. A minute. A second. Whatever.

    Funny. I keep yawning as I type.

    • BDBinc says:

      Yip the mango will fall when its ripe.

      There is a definite gravitational pull to unconsciousness( sleep).
      ET is always showing how by his very being present and calling people back to the present moment. But he is just an externalized form of what is inside you the perfect ” enlightened” being. But I know he does not resonate with all, the universe will give us direction in everything if we pay attention even a flower, a word, a bird and the outer manifested inner ” teacher”.
      We get so caught up in thinking we have to do something, achieve something or become someone else when we are already what we are seeking. Which is why I like ET’s present moment awareness meditation so much. Its more the idea of coming home to yourself (right here and now which is the only place you can BE).

  3. BDBinc says:

    The cause is the inattention and lack of awareness( as in the case of getting lost in/possessed by fear and thoughtforms) giving a reality to .

    Why we fall for divide and conquer memes: The ego
    The phantom self( ego)loves us vs them( memes) as it strengthens that false separate self . And when the threat( which is fake) cannot be vanquished by freeze our brain will try fight mode. You need an us vs them for fight mode( club).
    The unattended traumatized brain always switches from fear to anger at some point as it( ego) feels stronger when its angry than when it is always in a state of fear.

    The politicians media unreality program ( like the Truman show)is never switched off, they run 24/7 as memories/thoughts( memes) & feelings.
    Socially we are not taught to pay attention to our inner state(thoughts /feelings) or to try to be the witness. Thoughts and feeling happen to us, they are like clouds in the sky, you are the sky not the clouds, they are not us.
    We are conditioned to suppress feelings and we believe we are them. So these feelings and thoughts that happen to us get (wrongly )imbued with a sense ” self” who we are we then resist whatever is ” bad” and this resistance is what causes the suffering .

    The lack of awareness is the cause.

    “You believe what you are experiencing is the reality. But it is not the reality. What you are experiencing is what your mind has created – the narrative your mind has created as a reaction to what is happening around you. You are confusing what is happening in your mind with reality.

    Once presence or awareness comes in – you are aware of the kind of thoughts that your mind is creating. That is the beginning of spiritual awakening or the awakening of consciousness. To become aware of how your mind functions and what it says.

    This is why it is so important to become aware of the present moment because that is an intrinsic part of being present is to become aware of what your mind is doing in this moment.

    This is why I said the first step is to forget about manifesting something different, but the first step is to become aware. Without that you are at the mercy of the conditioned mind. For many, their worst enemy lives between their two ears and they don’t know it.”

    Awareness is the key to ending all blindspots.

    • lynnthoma says:

      I remember reading long ago Bhagwan describing a person taking a leisurely bath. All of the sudden they become aware of an eye peering at them through the keyhole. This fundamentally changes their entire bathing experience. This analogy has regularly popped into my consciousness as I’ve gone through life

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