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The importance of seeing and paying attention to the positive in a world that has gone batshit crazy.

The insanity that is being pushed at us by media is making much more noise and getting our attention. The fact that not all people are being swept away by a collective thought form covid19 and other media memes is a censored (quiet) thing . All our attention is focused on and going to what we don’t want.

The vaccine percentages and polls used by govt are utter lies to get people to go along with what they think is the tribe -but it is govt misrepresenting itself as the tribe. There are so many people now that are not lost in fear they are questioning CovID19 : The Big lie and/or trying to inform others as to the known dangers of medical experimentation. This is positive, let us remember focus our attention on the positive we all want the idea of everyone’s freedom .

“What you resist persists”

It was the renowned Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung (1875–1961), who taught us that whatever you resist persists. What he meant by that is the more you resist anything in life, the more you bring it to you. The reason you attract whatever you resist is because you are powerfully focused on it with strong feelings and emotion, and what you focus on with any emotion, you bring to you.

Mother Teresa refused to attend anti-war rallies. However, she said she would happily come to a peace rally if she was ever invited. It’s not that she disagreed with the aims of the anti-war movement. She simply recognised that in order for them to achieve their goals, they needed to be focussed on what they wanted rather than on what they didn’t want. Mother Teresa understood the law of attraction

Non resistance does not mean doing nothing to try to change the situation. It does not mean denying the situation , it means fully embracing what is . Non resistance means that we do not keep up a mental resistance, an inner resistance to what is, as this also causes additional suffering and tends to hold things in place. Whatever we do let it come from a place of non reactive being, let us respond mindfully to whatever challenges comes to us.

Maybe a freedom rally , an informed content rally, human rights, social (closeness) rally’s would work better for us to give our attention to it so as to manifest those things.

” Will independent thought reach critical mass to blow the lid off the covID19 debacle” can be changed to “The lid is being blown off the covid debacle”. ( *note I do not believe in a “political democracy” /or the integrity of the govt’s courts/or the existence of “sars cov2″ covid” but there is some good facts, positive info and points made in the microbiologists article. )

Sanity is rising.

And we also have the channel of the good Dr Sam Bailey spreading the truth blowing the lid of the covid hoax.


8 thoughts on “The importance of seeing and paying attention to the positive in a world that has gone batshit crazy.

  1. Zod YinYang says:

    Embrace what is. However, you need to know ‘what is’. Covid is not. Covid is a psyop. Covid is a distraction.

    The other thing you should eventually realise is that there is no way of changing the situation.

    This realisation or enlightenment that you can look forward to is like that received by the protagonist in Pohl’s ‘Tunnel Under the World’ (qv Dark City). When you understand your situation, you understand that it cannot be changed. In other words, you will find that it is as if you have been removed from your world (a traumatic paradigm shift).

    However, enlightenment is in your power to achieve – if you do enough research.

    It is a lot like Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) – in the sense that resistance is something only in the power of the individual. The collective is impotent. You can’t save yourself by rousing your fellows from their trance. You can only save yourself by informing yourself, and preventing yourself from falling into the trance of the collective.

    • If you read anything I wrote you know I explain that covID19 is not real and it is a psyop.
      Enlightenment does not require research. It is an inner process . Haha enlightenment from “enough research” what an absurd idea.
      Its like people that get obsessed with collecting pointers to being and more research and so enlightenment always stays as something that happens in the future -when it can only happen here and now. With ripeness.
      Situations are constantly changing. Dont try your “hopelessness” mind program & try to tell me people they cant change their situation. Zod I stepped in mud and gave up as you said cant step out or change your life situation. I am going to keep standing in the mud.
      Excuse me as I go do enough research on enlightenment . I can get a PHD on enlightenment, just as I could-get a PHD on honey and still have never tasted it.

  2. Zod says:

    So, could a passenger on The Titanic have changed their situation? They may have been able to change their understanding of the situation, but not the situation itself.

    Research is to find yet again, the knowledge that has been repeatedly found and lost.

    You are re-interpreting again. I didn’t suggest you should research enlightenment, but that research would lead to enlightenment.

    • RE Titanic: Some survived so yes they can be said as to have changed their situation.
      Research does not lead to enlightenment.

      There is also a media meme like this one where people think they are enlightened when they grog the central banking economic and political monopoly . Or when people get ultra woke they believe they are enlightened. Thats the woke the collective egoic hive mind wants ” research leads to your enlightenment” which is why all researchers are enlightened haha (not).
      Keep seeking( research) and never finding.
      Because this is funny to me what is it that you are telling people to research that leads to their enlightenment? If its not the knowledge of the Self you are misdirecting .
      You can have a lifetime research on and a PHD on enlightenment and not be enlightened.

  3. lynnthoma says:

    I read your article. I read Zod’s response. Uh, wait. I go back and reread your article. I again read Zod’s response. Hmm… From my point of view the disconnection has two possibilities:

    (1) Zod is skimming your article and coming up with whatever he thinks is contradictory and at the same time looks profound.

    (2) Zod enjoys talking in riddles. It adds an air of mysteriousness that he feels indicates special knowledge. If Zod is truly a mystic, he’s an inarticulate one.

    Or… Zod’s consistent pattern of contradiction combined with nonsensical statements implies both may be true.

  4. Zod says:

    Let’s just say I am trying to figure out why it is so difficult to persuade dehydrated horses to drink the crystal clear water from the mountain streams to which I direct them.

    Or, in other words, I find so many who suspect the Koolaid to be lethal, but they prefer to waste their time attempting to persuade others from drinking it, instead of researching the ulterior motive – or worse, poo-pooing such research as a priori fruitless.

    Only a couple of nights ago I spoke to a restaurant owner who had resisted the Koolaid thus far, but at the prospect of losing their business, they had reluctantly capitulated.

  5. What does “koolaid” mean in context zod?

    What is the ulterior motive?
    For doing what ?
    And whose ulterior motive is it?
    You haven’t even provided the topic of research that you tell people to engage in.
    So no ones poo pooed anything except what I ( and maybe Lynnthoma ) see as the deliberate obfuscational language that you speak.
    You have provided nothing to poo poo ( except your communication).

    If you are directing people I liken your direction to one of the malfunctioning GPS systems .
    If we relied on your directions we would all be horses still lost in the desert of confusion( Zod).
    Lucky we do not.

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