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Woke Racism.

If you see the mainstream news people are getting inundated with racist memes. Its called a political divide and conquer strategy part of the current identity politics. A control mechanism where the media mind controls ego dominated people to be totally (mis)identified with a skin color or a gender, a race, political party ( ouch) a nation, a belief and then media conglomerate sets one polarized group against each other . The people are set on each other , fighting amongst them selves while huge criminal frauds and human rights violations are going on perpetrated by govts. People are being played non stop, the msm media have moved from political ideology( dem vs rep) straight back into the race card.

Racism is racism. The current ” woke” media trend is racism against white skinned people which from what I have heard is polarizing many white people into( us v them= ego pattern) racist thinking against black skinned people or in the PC woke if they have white skin to self shame/self hating .

These white woke people say their “white skin is racist” and then feel redeemed by their media meme virtue signalling declaration . In every case of fear of ” other” (in this case different color skin) it always the ego mind that is racist/discriminatory as it is in a constant state of fear and ignorance . Black people hear this ” I have white skinned and so I am racist – all white skinned people are racist ” and think… all white skinned people are racist. Which then causes… more social distancing – racism .Hmm who does this racist media meme serve… its not we the people. As I said before ” woke” is another word for PC. It is the PC mind programming of the msms ” alt right” media .

What we are doing is not healing, bringing awareness to thoughts and feelings is healing. Bringing attention to whether your ( ego)mind is judging other people by how they look can often stop the automatic process . And that creates some space where the seemingly ” other” person can just be as they are. Perception without mental labeling .You are not reducing them to a skin color/ idea/concept instead you are honoring their essence, which is your essence, which is awareness .

That is called Presence .

White, cream , brown or black skin . People of all/any colors of skin can be racist or people of all/any skin colors can be free from racism . We are taught from childhood to see the differences not our sameness. Racism is part of the conditioned (ego) mind that judges and fears the unknown or the ” other”. And when that very same egoic mind pattern when its turned towards disabled people , obese people, a gender , any people we think of as different( unknown) we call this fear of the ( unknown) different person discrimination .

Surely in 2021 we can evolve to not see ourselves and each other as just a skin color/race?


7 thoughts on “Woke Racism.

  1. Presence is challenging for most. I hesitate to say impossible. A more acceptable word might be “unlikely”, but I’m unclear of the difference.

    • Yes Presence is challenging to start with. But the peace and joy of being in your fearless natural state of being ( that has been suppressed by indoctrination – mind possession )soon makes it the only state you want to be in. We get good at what we practice.
      If people are not ready they will suffer and suffer( ripen) until they are ready. The intention counts yes I can see why you think it seems unlikely at this time of great fear and ignorance where many are addicted to their self created pain. If humanity as a species is to survive we have to awaken not become or rather stay ” woke”. 🙂

  2. “Humans have built an entire society based on identification with thoughts and the mind.

    What’s possible for our own lives, and the world, if we moved beyond this identification into the vastness of who we truly are?
    If so, we encourage you to try one of the following practices for a few minutes each day this week:

    Notice the themes in your various thoughts. What comes up over and over again? When you begin to notice these thoughts, see if you can direct your attention somewhere else. What happens when you do?
    One way to step out of the thinking mind is to simply look at your immediate surroundings without listening to your mental commentary. Look at whatever is in front of you—your computer, a chair, or whatever catches your eye. See if you can look without the interference of thought. How long can you stay in this awareness?
    Reduce social media time, as it often engages our mind in negative thinking. Notice your state of mind at the end of each day.” Eckhart Tolle Teachings

  3. Suffering until ripe for the fearless natural state. Well put. I’ve practiced some techniques to get to the non-thinking state, which I find exciting, exhilarating, frightening, and yet while I’m there, none of those. From my experience an analogy might be spending most of my time in a familiar house, filled with stuff organized the way I want it. Furniture appropriately arranged. Objects on shelves where I want them (for the most part anyway, heh heh). The non-thinking state is like leaving this house. Outside is nature. Wild and disorganized. An endlessly open sky. Senses on fire. A sort-of falling sensation. My “self” is lost because, well, it no longer seems relevant. But really I’m not sure what to say because I don’t think my memory is accurately conveying the experience.

    It’s like a roller coaster. A thrilling ride for sure, but the most intense moment is that view from the top right before its descent. The ride itself becomes a memory hole. I feel my “self” relieved when returning to its “thinking” house, and getting back to the so-called business of life. Someday though I might decide *not* to come back. Wander off instead. Float away. Sayonara.

  4. Haha even if you float away you’ll still be here and now. Yes the unknown open spaciousness, like the sky .
    We can practice remaining in a state with some attention on being while doing( the business of life). The hardest practice for me was reading the media news( amplified unconsciousness ) and still leaving some attention in inner body and using breath focus as well.Its a good practice with all the emotive and crazy stuff out there.

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