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” covID19″ : A 100% CGV( Computer Generated “Virus”)

The CDC’s Chinese consortium computer generated a genome ” SARS Cov2″ on Jan 10th 2020. . It makes no difference that the globalists computer generated a string of rna ( ” virus”) and started the pseudo pandemic in China. China was just the most oppressed obedient place, it was just the most effective location for the globalists to start global home detentions and mass human rights violations .

It is up to every nation to investigate and to prove the existence of ” a new deadly virus” ( that causes a new set of symptoms ).

There was no reproducible study done and there was no evidence of it.

All any science( or medical officer) would have had to do (and had the responsibility to do) is reproduce the studies done ( missing)which would have immediately told them that there is no new disease and no ” sars cov2 virus” . But as there was no evidence at all they did not do anything but continue the Big Lie covID19. Not one referenced test. They globally (all 99%) accepted the fraudulent use of a PCR test used to create ” covid cases” . So that is a global failed responsibility blindly believing the CDC. A global org that holds the test primer patent and profits greatly off its covid19 fraud.

As most readers know even a year after the UN’s WHO pseudo pandemic the alleged ” virus” has not been isolated.

There has been no evidence or proof whatsoever of the “virus’s” existence let alone of it causing ” covid19″ (new set of symptoms = new disease). Even a year later there is nothing, no real ” virus” that causes something called ” covID19″( they are cold/flu symptoms).

Fluoride free Ontario article on the MOH that has no record of ” virus” isolation .
COVID-19: The virus does not exist -it is confirmed!January 3, 2021Page1COVID-19: Saeed A. Qureshi, Ph.D. (
Your slavery is not imminent, your freedom is immanent .

Most of whole world just believes the UN’s WHO+CDC and media propaganda without question , and yet they have no science, evidence and no facts. Its unreal.

They just use 100% fraud which includes the primary reference-less PCR test that creates ” covID19″ cases though it is unable to be used in this way as it cannot even detect 1 whole transmissible ” virus”. Reference less PCR test cannot diagnose disease it is simply unable to do that .

A year later they have extended the criminal fraud by a Chinese computer graphics company generating a 3D model of the original CGV taking a nano photo to fraudulently claim of a CGV in 3D “Is real”.

Its not real, its a CGV . We have been lied to and collectively duped big time.

What is real.

We need to remember the primary truth ( of our being) in all our actions.

We need to remain present to not be reactive and to show up calmly and mindfully at this time in our history where it appears the majority are afflicted and mind infected with the CGV ” covID19″ .

There are many resources for cultivating a daily practice of mindfulness ( even Netflix has Headspace) so seek and you will find.



8 thoughts on “” covID19″ : A 100% CGV( Computer Generated “Virus”)

  1. Charlotte says:

    Well-stated and an important truth you share. Truth is less tempting than deception for the self-appointed ruling classes.

    Fauci et al. are only the latest fraud gods in our timeline, using fake science and phony economics and pretend concern. Big money has to be made and the “lesser” people fooled, impoverished, chipped, and turned into GMOs for the newest whirled order.

    We are both witness and party to the unfolding of their Great reSet, which looks very much like a surreptitious revival of the worship of Set, the Egyptian god of chaos, war, and evil, for out of chaos they intend to build their new order of a slave/ communist base and capstone oligarch nobility under the Sun King Ra or Eye of Horus. The American dollar bill has been showing us the pyramid and eagle/ phoenix since 1935. I wonder if 2035 is their target date, after the planned wwiii conflagration to come against Iran and China and others.

    The covID show starts and ends with China scripted as chief antagonist. An important sub-plot, meanwhile, has increased hostility between the US and China’s ally and strategic partner, Iran. Soon we’ll be told what Orwell already told us 36 years ago: “The past was alterable. The past never had been altered. Oceania was at war with Eastasia. Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia.” Funny about that Brexit which removes the UK from Eurasia and into a probable Oceania alliance for the next big war. Also interesting is that the “predicted” WW3 and last world war before the new luciferian age of global “peace” of a vastly culled and cowed world population is supposed to begin in the Middle East, according to Albert Pike.

    Btw, Set is also the Egyptian god of deserts and storms. Sound familiar?

    The whole CovID show is theater of the absurd, but most days it feels as if the audience are the actual humans, both seeing and blind, and the manipulator-controllers merely computer-generated icons or even intergenerational trans-humans programmed for acting out their parts in an artificial, occult reality! Either way, their concept of humanity is as an audience, a non-player commodity and target for their performances, profit, and pleasure, that is, until the show is over and it’s final curtains for a no-longer needed “house.”

    You’re right about us needing to remind ourselves of our better nature and grasp on truth, as often as possible. You’re doing your part to try to open people’s minds and hearts to what is true and honest, so that we can all do and be better by stepping out of the theater and into the light of day. Thanks for that. If enough of us are mindful of each moment of truth and good purpose, we can change the trajectory of the fraud gods’ show plot, yes? There is too much fabulous positive potential out there and within for us to waste on internalizing and manifesting their negative programming.

    Of course, it mightily helps to see what they’re really doing in order to resist the manipulation and to re-orient or stay oriented to the good and true. Meanwhile, certainly, may our own ideas and mindfulness for this life be strong and soul-affirming, as best we can. You may not agree with my take on how their script is intended to play out over the next decade or two, but we likely do agree that this covID sham and show is criminally and spiritually insane and, likely, just the start…

  2. Anagram Score says:

    Great to see this post (I came here from a ZH comment and link) and reply…..surely more ppl can see through this matrix. Everything we ever read and studied about the last 20 years plus has been fast tracked in a tight spiral since 2020 began……

    Indeed “game set match” (anangram below for this phrase)….I see the set references everywhere….that’s why I like anagrams…..and these phrases and organisational names……for example…

    antifascist = rearrange exact letters = satanic fist
    black lives matter = blm evils attacker
    transsexual = satans luxer (medicine)
    on an don t can go…..

    Its all so in our face…….will a critical mass wake up in time?……for the ultimate “Mach tame Set G”. I’m betting on Mach arriving soon…..hoping to switch on more souls in the meantime…….good read for both….true humans have heart on earth

  3. Mankind says:

    5G Frequencies and Chemtrails Nano Particles, with various Payloads.
    Agenda21 requires destruction of Civilization, inorder, to rebuild the Distopia.
    All Nazi at the Core.

  4. A new order from chaos.
    As the egoic systems collapse they want to maintain the same mind conditioned world -only with more control for banksters and less/no physical freedom for the people.
    Little knowing that we through thoughts and feelings co create the world they tell us to.

  5. iwoodie says:

    beautiful stuff….
    yes, it’s all a creation “in-silico”….theoretical construction inside a computer
    remember these little boxes were once called Word Processors, made typing a letter easy, then morphed into PC’s, which took up more desk space and have now mutated into Global Oppression Devices..GOD..!!!

  6. I think our minds possessed by thoughts and media programmed beliefs is what is oppressing us. And yes we worship the egomind like its a false God.
    “Technology in the service of madness”.

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