covid hoax, COVID19 operation, fascism, pseudo $cience

The world was brought to its knees in 2020 by the banksters( Rockefeller& co) WHOs 1st virtual virus plundermic .

Saeed Qureshi PhD former senior scientist at Health Canada

COVID-19: The virus does not exist ā€“ it is is confirmed”

There can be no ” vaccine” for what is just a computer generated ” virus” ( a CG 30,000 string of rna) .

There are no new set of symptoms, there is no new disease.

There is no “covid19”.

Corrupted consensus science pushing political agenda says world is flat ( again) and we are facing a regression , a dark age of ignorance . But in the great challenges while we are out of our comfort zone the possibility that we will discard our non working outdated theories in the spotlight and harmful beliefs exists. The outdated and unproven 1861 germ theory and Big Pharma’s ( snake oil) old medical system used to perpetrate the fascism we see is in its death throes crying out to be replaced by actual and valid science, reasoning , truth and our up to date knowledge .

It is part of an evolutionary process.

It remains to be seen if we going to remain possessed by fear and anger (acting from fear creates more problems and one looses the ability to reason) or are we going to become present to and become aware of what is real and what is not. Are we going to wake up.


4 thoughts on “The world was brought to its knees in 2020 by the banksters( Rockefeller& co) WHOs 1st virtual virus plundermic .

  1. nooneismyname says:

    I’ve been hearing the phrase ‘people are waking up’ for forty years.

    The conclusion I have reached is that the people who say and repeat this do not want to wake up to the fact that the commoners will never leave the sleepwalking mode. So you are also asleep.

    • Some people are not waking up they are slipping into deeper unconsciousness( with media fear/anger) . Maybe the sleepy mind conditioned people may never wake up in this incarnation. But every person that has discovered who they are beyond name and form have looked within are helping the whole (and can make a regressive dark age shorter). You are part of the universe, they are part of the universe dear god they are not a ” commoner”.
      There is just consciousness dreaming the dream of form, there are no ” commoners” that is part of your illusion a label your mind puts on others to make you feel superior . I use to call sleepers sheeple(its all ego my friend )and use to get angry at their beliefs and seeming stupidity=but that was just their total mind conditioning/programming .

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