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Dis-ease and stress

The fictional bogyman under the bed (yet to be isolated and proven) ” Sars CoV2″ is taking the blame for all respiratory illness, pneumonia and deaths nowadays. The Govts and their medical minions deliberately misuse a Rt PCT test that fraudulently creates covID ” cases” when the test cannot even detect 1 whole transmissible ” virus” and it certainly cannot diagnose disease .

All symptoms of disease ( are inflammation) ,  including coughing , nasal dripping, pneumonia , fever  that are caused  by chemical messengers in your immune system not  by ” viruses”.

All symptoms  are  caused by (cytokine) proteins and the cascading effects of these.

How your state of mind does effect your health and can cause disease.

The parasympathetic nervous system  is about healing whereas  in  stress the sympathetic nervous system( fight or flight) is its all about tissue breakdown. So  your stress levels  set off different messengers in your body. You can see how stress can be a cause of disease( inflammation) as  purely  biochemical reactions. Stress causes the body to release proteins pro-inflammatory cytokines  . These small proteins also signal other cells to release bradykinin and prostaglandins. Inducing synthesis of prostaglandins which are the central mediators of the coordinated responses leading to the needed fever. The blood vessels dilate to increase the number of inflammatory cells, white blood cells, tissue breakdown cascading protein cell death and  mucus secretions. Hello pneumonia. Pneumonia is not a “new symptom” not a new dis ease it is lung “inflammation”.

What’s more, because regular stress causes a chronic response ,  the body elicits a chronic response against something that’s not really dangerous. Allergic reactions have been found to increase in cases of stress.  This is why meditation/mindfulness is critical and should be seen as primary in health to prevent dis-ease. Do all you can everyday to do things that make you relax and reconnect with nature as this is a very healing activity. Become aware of your inner state.

If your mind is telling the body that it is under attack, it is, and  it will behave as though it is. Which means releasing  protein chemical cascades, a physical  inflammation reaction. Constant stress creates  constant “inflammation”  and that is what they call a “compromised immune system” . An immune system that’s always breaking down tissue and releasing proteins -inflammatory  chemicals .

We don’t update or even looking at what we have newly learnt about exosomes, strings of rna, dna breaking down to rna, the microbiome instead nothing that disproves old theories is debated and communicated some debunked theories even from 1861, are desperately hung on to. We have whole systems built on these old flawed models. Its no surprise that chronic disease and medical conditions are at an all time high at the same time as stress (and use of the dysfunctional medical system) concurrently is also at a peak. If the medical system worked or was effective our health outcomes in westernized big pharma medical model would not have record numbers per capita of daily medicated chronically ill people.

Its a good time in our history to review what and how we think about dis ease and the whole medical system that seems to act primarily as a dis-empowering drug pusher for Big Pharma.


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