Controlled opposition.

Its a fact .

The stable of popular controlled opposition so called ” conspiracy/dissenting” sites grows .Many C.O manufacturing consent can be clearly seen through the use of reasoning . Seen from conspiracy sites still telling non sequiturs about a total lie that is the psyop Covid are busy now planting toxic memes : Us V them, superiority , fear , helplessness and hopelessness , Q anon, CIA agent media celeb Assange, nationalization , national socialism as a solution, pushing mind consent for the idea of mandatory vaccines,trying to overload people with contradictory and vast amounts of propaganda , pushing violent revolutions and war mongering.

Some of the most popular conspiracy sites are controlled opposition. They are succeeding in making non believers of govt feel superior to believers, massaging their ego and then sneakily implanting memes in their unconscious ego minds.

As long as the banksters have mind control and people still totally mind identified and possessed by thoughts and feelings through this lack of Self awareness they retain control of the world financial, social development , health and political system and can make us (as we are co creators- unknowing ) manifest for them what they want. Through our inner state our thought and feelings from which our doing/action comes from. E.G fear -anger = riots . Or the media promotion of racism (which has ” fear of other” )in it and makes for anger and generated more racism .Chaos.

The NWO( UN) have a person( or an org) to lead the opposition and now more than ever to control the dissenting narrative this ensures continued mind programming and control of State “enemies” through the planting of subtle and not so subtle memes, thoughts and feelings . Controlled opposition has been used for hundreds of years by the ruling banksters (Rothschild & Co) in order to maintain (mind) control and so their political and economic monopoly. These banksters own the media. Their increase in conspiracy blogs reflects the peoples move away from consuming msm fox/NBC/CNN news.

The Democracy Dogma.

In politics it is two different opposing parties that appear (through the media) as fighting as enemies as though the election process is real . Yet the parties are part of the one political monopoly, its an illusion. Its for show so you agree and consent to be governed/ruled, we don’t have a democracy. Democracy means rule by the people. The plan is that you mentally identify with one of the parties and vote . And as George C wisely pointed out” No matter who you vote for the govt always gets in” another good GC quote ” If voting changed anything they wouldn’t let you do it”. Voting changes nothing and the same corporation/govt tell you who is their president/PM -you take on trust.

Voting, voting and voting is doing the same thing and expecting a different result( insanity) . People are lied to every time, election promises are BS and still the people haven’t learnt that polticans are professional liars. The election campaign is pure insanity. People are identified with ideology democrat vs republican and so they are divided fighting over two dodgy and dubious parties and bankster candidates.

More info on controlled opposition:

Its an inner revolution that is needed and as a bonus with self knowledge comes the freedom from the conditioned mind or the egomind, you become unable to be mind controlled .

What you are looking for is inside not out in the world of opposites and form.


9 thoughts on “Controlled opposition.

  1. Post Hoc says:

    Thank you BDBinc for the https://www.ariapersei.com/discerning-disinformation-controlled-opposition-and-unconscious-matrix-agents-and-learning-to-see-and-feel-through-deception/site and for your personal comments.
    Recognising the subtle, opposing voice of controlled opposition will help us to foster our innate inner knowledge and wisdom.
    Conversely, if we look after our inner well being enough to resist the destruction and mind control that is all around us, in terms of media, clean soil, clean air and real nourishment, we will oppose controlled opposition with equal tenacity.
    The Covid 19 BS is just the red flag we need to stay well awake!

  2. Waking up and in this I mean knowing who we are in our essence beyond name and form not only frees us it renders the devious, subtle and sneaky media controlled opposition mind programs ineffective(as they can only work on conditioned minds or ego-minds). Egomind is all about fear and desire from past conditioning.
    There is no need to resist it as being aware of it is good enough . Resistance makes something stronger. For EG you can see this in Bans on alcohol( the prohibition) ,the War on drugs & war on terrorism . Bans/resistance are designed to increase what is being resisted.
    The NWO needs opposition/resistance thats why they are war-revolution mongering.
    Far better that we focus on the primary our state of being and from awareness comes wisdom and clarity and then right speech and right action can happen.
    The hoax and the suffering from it is a challenge and it can also be an opportunity for positive changes.

  3. Post Hoc says:

    Yes, I can see that now.
    Accepting what is, gives us the awareness that a phenomenon exists.
    Resistance is like negative grasping which is an ego response of fear, control and fierce opposition.
    To recognise a provocation with an open mind and open heart will lead to stillness not war.
    The right response will follow.

  4. Accepting what is frees us from resistance, from that state right action comes, it doesn’t mean you’ll do nothing . A good analogy I heard for this is if you are stuck in the mud non resistance doesn’t mean you resign yourself to stay there in the mud Just that you fully accept what is at that moment and then you can act to get yourself out of the mud without being in a state of resistance( which brings anger +suffering) or if you love mud you can stay in it -but you will not be suffering.

    You mention a comment about recognizing provocation, do you feel you are being provoked? Who is provoking you?

  5. Post Hoc says:

    I’ve found that some of the comments on the numerous alt. media sites can be so far off (steeped in misinformation) that one is tempted to proselytise to put them right, so to speak.
    This is what I meant by being provoked into a reaction.
    I have learned to ignore some comments and to stay away from some sites now as they tend to instil a sense of unease similar to the corporate media response.
    When I mentioned a state of stillness I meant not reacting but managing the right response and thus a more patient, meaningful response at the right time in the right place.
    An example of real provocation is the constant drivel that has validated severe lockdowns in Victoria and about which a couple of alt. media sites have attracted misinformed dissenters.
    Those misinformed dissenters then propel more lies that confuse the issue of the one big pandemic lie!
    Controlled Opposition?
    Thanks for your reply.

  6. You mean the “shills” paid to put more propaganda in these sites through comments sections( that are then up-voted). All the media alt -rights (and even non controlled opposition) have shills and there has been an increase .

    Don’t feel provoked by them as that is what they want, an emotional reaction which then allows you to be taken over and identified with the thought-form/emotion and then we become unconscious ourselves and it turns into US V them and angry interaction. Reasoning goes when we are in the grip of anger and fear .
    Nothing yet has validated the unlawful lockdowns or the govt tyranny ( esp bad in Victoria).
    Media is a propagator of fear, hate and anger and you can see the insanity of the readers and authors in the contents of both the articles and comments.
    I advise against reading it , all media should come with a health warning ( my next entry) or “how people get possessed by media’s viral thoughts and emotions( memes) and lose it”. Or be very aware and watch your inner state so as to make sure you do not get taken over/lost in it. If you do not get taken over by the negative thought forms+emotions( memes)in media it can even be used as a practice to be fully present.
    So more than ever it is important to bring light to the darkness .
    Thank you for your answer.

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