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Petition to the Supreme Court of NZ

To put people on home detention, carry out mandatory medical experimentation, to take their right of movement and freedom of association is not lawful or legal.
To have made these nazi like measures the govt imposed on us legal they would have had to
1) prove there was a threat and
2) present  justification for imposing the restrictions
They failed to prove threat   and did  not provide justification, our lock up down was and still is  unlawful (and illegal).
Crown NZ Govt V the people of NZ
In the matter of the  Crown’s unjustifiable and unlawful measures such as: the continued  unlawful lock downs, mandatory experimental testing , the Crowns  mass incarceration of people  in hotels  motels and facilities , the unlawful covid legislation, threat of punishments of lockup for not doing experimental testing  and govt  proposed forced experimentation vaccinations.
High Court findings were incorrect the  High Court case  as the Crown’s  (   threat levels & )unlawful lock-down was and is not   justifiable as there is no proof of threat no  scientific evidence of threat (from a ” new virus” ” Sars CoV2 “) or proof that this alleged virus  causes a new disease( new set of symptoms)” covid”. The glaring lack of evidence ofa public health  threat does not support the Crown’s unlawful actions, the  new unlawful ” covid” legislation  and the breaches of NZBORA.
The Crowns measures are a public health threat and have caused an increase in suicides, mental health problems( for which locked up people have no access to needs in this regard),
The Crown NZ Govts  breaches of NZBORA on the  bad advice of the public health advisor, attorney gen  and a misinformed and/or ignorant  health minister  .
” Public health ”  does not trump the rights of the individual in this case.
As Govt has failed to provide both  justification and proof of threat.
1)Prove the existence of an isolated  new virus( sars CoV2 )  and failed to prove
2) That said “new virus” causes a new disease( covid) or death.
3)That the threat to public health is a real one from the non existent new virus( sars CoV2 ) that is said to cause a new disease (covid) .
4) Proof that ” covid” is cause of death.( *note  pathologists in autopsy of ” Covid” patients  in other nations… that bothered doing an autopsy needed have found this alleged molecule/virus  Sars CoV2 is not to be found and so does not cause tissue death resulting in the person’s  subsequent deaths ).
Scientifically there is no proof of threat and no justification.Without poof and evidence of a public health threat  that warrants the Nazi like loss of freedoms and right  the Govt is actively in breach of law.
Notice .
Until it has evidence of threat ( justification)from an as yet not isolated molecule capable or transmission and causing disease( covid)  Govt  should cease and desist its Nazi like unlawful measures.
No Justified limitations
  • Subject to section 4, the rights and freedoms contained in this Bill of Rights may be subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

  • Clear justification would mean there must be a reasonable objective to (our past and present loss of freedom of movement and association or) compulsory vaccination that justifies the limits placed on the right to refuse medical treatment.
  • No scientific  evidence of the existence of  a new virus (Sars COV2). Said virus was computer generated not isolated on 10th Jan 2020. They used both human dna taken on 26th Dec 2019  and bovine fetal dna to generate the string of rna they then called Sars Cov2 .
  •  or proof that it( Sars CoV2 )  alone causes a new disease( covid)) evidence of new disease( not one with same set of flu symptoms  so  it is not justified.
  • They not used evidence based strategies( home detention , social distancing, masks none have evidence to support the restrictions in fact public health worsened during download increased domestic violence ,increased mental health problems  ,  suicides and untreated real health problems)
Government would have to present clear justifications for any  restrictions and it has failed to.
Unlawful mandatory RT PCR tests.
The RT PCR test is experimental in its use for diagnosing disease and it is unable to prove infection.Ordinarily  test-performance studies entail having patients undergo an index test and a “reference standard” test determining their true state. The PCR test results  are not validated  under realistic conditions against a clinically meaningful reference standard.
The RT PCR test was never suppose to be used to diagnose  disease.It just amplify a small set of nucleic  acids( coronavirus which in the study of human  virome  has been  found up the nose of healthy people and so was  not seen by virologists as a pathogen) The RT PCR test  fails to provide proof of  the existences of a whole, live or transmittable ” virus”  or of an infection.
Yet people are being diagnosed in this experimental way.This would appear to put the RT PCR test that is being used by Crown govt  to prove infection and disease (when it cannot and has never been used for that before )  into the category of ‘medical or scientific experimentation’, which the Bill of Rights Act (s10), as well as international law, recognises as something which must not be inflicted on people without their consent.”
Vaccinations:Everyone has the right not to be subjected to medical experimentation without free consent. [t]he potential vaccines, especially RNA vaccines… are necessarily ‘experimental’ in nature… This would appear to put such vaccines into the category of ‘medical or scientific experimentation’
“The specific reference to medical experimentation is a response to what happened under the Nazi regime during the second world war.
In New Zealand,  the courts and their English predecessors have long recognized and protected the right to bodily integrity. The New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 also clearly states that everyone has the right to refuse medical treatment.”
The Govts  issued  threat to public health  without evidence of a live  whole transmissible virus and proof it causes disease covid  and death  is legally invalid and is not justification .
The RT PCR test is purely experimental  when it is being used  to diagnose disease /infection.
The people of NZ who have had their inherent freedoms and rights taken off them by a despotic regime .

2 thoughts on “Petition to the Supreme Court of NZ

  1. kiwi says:

    this is being pushed by the UN agenda 2030 , one world government they are attempting to crash the monetary system and enslave every human on the
    planet our PM is a communist/marxist working towards this goal, you can also see the same happening in Melbourne Australia, covid19 is a bill gates driven FRAUD

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