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How the RT PCR test is like Russian Roulette

The PCR test being used to  diagnose people with a  unproven infectious new disease to get numbers to support this hoax. It  is utter quackery. Just like playing roulette if you keep testing, pulling the trigger,  you will get different results and end up with a “positive”.

Big problems with the smoking gun (PCR test).

The RT PCR ” Test for covid infection has no reference standard. Its mis -science.

Ordinarily  test-performance studies entail having patients undergo an index test and a “reference standard” test determining their true state. The PCR test results  are not validated  under realistic conditions against a clinically meaningful reference standard.


There isn’t one,  there is no reference standard for the PCR test.

The PCR test for the CG Virus  cannot confirm infection. It cannot  prove the small number of arbitrary  nucleic acids it tags cause disease .The RT PCR test only  tries to find a few nucleic acids of rna from a mix of  dna contaminated  ” blend” .

The PCR test was never designed for diagnosis of disease .

No evidence of “Sars CoV2”  and no evidence of a new disease.

“Sars CoV2”  was not isolated it was generated. It is a fictional virus  with no reality.

The specific primers and tags  they use for the PCR test are taken from a computer  generated genome, not from an isolated and  replicated infectious  “virus”.

Computer programs that generated the virtual virus  used what was a ( unconfirmed)  random patient’s dna mixed with bovine fetal dna . They said a man  was  infected positive with “covid” on dec 26th   because he had tested” positive’ in a PCR test??! But until they generated the computer virus (Jan 10th) they  did not have any the molecular knowledge of it to create specific ( sars cov2)primers. whoops .

There is no Sars COV2 virus to prove it they would need to provide evidence .

They needed to  find,  isolate  and grow “virus” in a culture in  the lab .
Then test and prove that it causes a new disease.
Instead they  use  the RT-rPCR result as a surrogate indicator of the presence of an infectious whole live transmittable “virus” and “new disease”.
Proof needed for disease
Rule out underlying diseases , co morbidity and all other known causes.
They would have had to have  a new set of symptoms too. They did not.
The flu symptoms they use for ” covid” are not new.
First set of patients diagnosed with it had distinctively different symptoms ( one sounded like  food poisoning)


What does PCR  covid test prove?

It proves nothing .

The accuracy of the PCR test for ” Sars Co V2″ (the CG virus) without  having a reference standard is totally unknown.

The  Criminal  State.

There are cases of newborns taken off their healthy mother for months  on just  positive PCR tests.

The RT PCR test, spin the chamber there is a false  “positive”  bullet  in there..  Most do as they are testing testing testing( spinning spinning spinning   ) to get positives to support the hoax and the banksters big pharma, hospitals  stand to make more money off every positive test.

“It’s a red herring,” said Michael Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy, said of  testing for infection using rt-PCR . Because what it leads us to believe is something that very likely is not true, and that is that we’re  shedding infectious “virus”.

Now I hear the New Zealand Govt will unlawfully lock  you  and your family up for refusing to take this incredibly  meaningless and ridiculous PCR  test for “covid” infection.  Is this the Orwellian world you want, one that locks families up and takes newborns from their mothers on the   irrelevant  and meaningless PCR “Covid”  test results?





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