Covid Recap

I wanted to recap the  new discovery that Sars CoV2 is just a virtual virus and the so called ”  covid” new disease also without evidence cannot be said to exist .


They told us on that  December 26  2019 “One Wuhan man got tested. The result came back positive – a swab from the back of his throat or the inside of his nose had detected the presence of the novel coronavirus”.  How could it?! As the test  primers for “coronavirus” hadn’t been developed then  the molecular structure was said to be  unknown. Molecular tests require knowledge about the potential agent to determine the correct very specific primers and tag for the test(s) .It was novel  unknown at the time, biochemically no genome =no primers= no ” sars CoV2″ test.

Sars CoV2 was computer generated in January 10th from a mix of the man who they say had PCR tested “positive” on 26th dec 2019 in a PCR test that had at the time of used no known primers.The PCR was also not to be used to diagnose disease or prove infection. They mixed his   dna and cow dna  .https://notpublicaddress.wordpress.com/2020/08/08/how-to-create-your-own-novel-virususing-computer-software/ .

This is the sweater string and if you pull it the whole covid hoax comes to pieces.

The next mistake was to use RT PCR to diagnose disease or the existence of a live  virus capable of causing disease . When they knew the PCR test could not be used to diagnose disease . They keep on using the meaningless PCR test so the numbers keep going up,  to  test  positive for a disease with something that can’t test for a disease is ridiculous quackery .


Virologists have while studying the human microbiome(https://depts.washington.edu/ceeh/downloads/FF_Microbiome.pdf) found trillions of these strings of rna we call ” viruses” in and on healthy people and concluded they did not cause pathology .The PCR test does not prove infection / live /transmittable ” virus”. It (if uncontaminated with dna fragments and baring errors) can only prove the very small fragments of rna the primers + tags  are looking for .

This discovery debunks the 1861 Germ theory, which is why there is very little money spent to further research the human ” virome” which includes rna (so called ” corona virus”) found up the nose of healthy people.
Science now is gobbled up in a sphere of “political consensus” and this covid insanity  is getting more ridiculous by the week .

Masks for virtual meetings mandatory in Wisconsin while sitting on your computer alone at home!? This Sars CoV2 ( a string of rna ) computer generated means the irony of this particular joke/draconian measure  may be lost on most people.These banksters  and their UN as global govt like hiding things in plain sight. But to see it you have to pay attention.

What Are the Truly Verifiable Facts Surrounding COVID-19?

Was the COVID-19 Test Meant to Detect a Virus?


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