COVID19 operation, Love

Insanity is not the new normal.

It is still insanity.

Society is deeply sick with a mental virus. Infection with these ideas from UN(WHO) injected through the media. The mental virus is called Covid (*associated with death) and it causes a strong emotional reaction.  Fear .  We are all human beings and we need not turn those transfixed by news propaganda into enemies. Those that believe  in this hoax  are just totally  mind identified and so naturally  they are fearful .

People that are believing the media, govts propaganda are in a cult of believers.Constant fear and stress in the absence of a real immediate  threat  is not normal  . Fearing a non existent ” virus”  is not normal its nuts.

Just because they believe in propaganda it does not make them enemy we should endeavor not to create  enemies of an us v them thinking practice .  They are unhappy  and full of fear. Seek to include all in a short practice when you think of someone who has the 100%  mental virus “covid”.  Ignorance, fearing, hating and compulsive thinking = not normal.

But how are you?

We need to return to our normal state and  Knowing, loving , being is our normal state.  This is what is normal.

Healing Society.

Hatred cannot coexist with love and kindness. It dissipates when supplanted with thoughts of love and compassion.” Loving-kindness meditation or ‘Metta’ meditation is an ultimate form of generous and selfless love towards ourselves and others.

I found  it easiest when you start this practice to direct thought feeling of love to a pet/animal.

Then expand it to  family , friends ,  neighbors. To Yourself.

The graduating level is to send the love and kindness to your  ” enemies” dissolving past negative  thoughts/feelings you have about them.

May you be safe,

May you be well,

May you be happy,

May you live with ease.



If you are interested in this meditation practice:

A Guided Loving-Kindness Meditation with Sharon Salzberg

How To Teach Children Lovingkindness Meditation

Guided Meditation: Metta (Lovingkindness) (11:48 min)




2 thoughts on “Insanity is not the new normal.

  1. Dio says:

    Thank you so much for this message. It arrived at a time when I am struggling not to be in opposition to others who are seemingly enchanted with the fear-driven media hype on Covid-19. I know you are right but of course, it takes perseverance to move from being in opposition to compassion for the state they have been led into. I am going to look further at the metta meditation as anything that starts with loving animals has my support from the get-go. Thank you again…

  2. Post Hoc says:

    Thanks BDB,

    We can practise awareness to give our consciousness a good

    Just a few moments of mindfulness.

    Leave out the MSM and much of the online alternative “controlled opposition” and care for ourselves in the midst of chaos.

    Maybe some Tonglen to polish up the kind heart.

    I like to watch the birds in the garden and identify the various types. Quite look forward to having them around.

    Deliberate chaos and confusion is not unlike methods of psychological torture that would harm us if we let it.

    Thanks for your articles.

    P.S. I have changed my online name as I didnt feel comfortable revealing my identity name.

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