COVID19 operation, Tyranny

Psyop Covid update: More questions than answers.

The collective viral thought ” covid” is  believed in solely because the media spread it embedded in fear . Believing is the same value to the egoic mind as knowing. As ego is in a constant state of fear and lack ego  will grasp onto an idea that provides it with some sense of superiority( like knowing the news).  There is mass cognitive dissonance in fields of science and medicine  as the tests(PCR and antibody) are known to be inaccurate and “cannot be used to diagnose disease”.  There is no proof of a new disease( definitive set of symptoms) called “covid”  said to be caused by a new Sars CoV virus( old germ theory that has been debunked  by  current virology   studies of human virome ). Science with a political agenda  has become like a religion of consensus beliefs. We saw this previously in the myth  that man’s Co2 emissions  not the sun is the  climate driver  and cause of what has been a constant state of climate change… and before that a good example of science (married to politic$) consensus belief was  we believed  the earth was flat.

Immunity to disease is reliant on the body immune system an incredibly complex and intelligent  system that is not separate from the mind. When the human being is undergoing prolonged stress and/or fear the body’s immune system is weakened.

San Francisco Chronicle, July 17: “With coronavirus antibodies fading fast, vaccine hopes fade, too”. “Disturbing new revelations that permanent immunity to the (ALLEGED) new  Sars coV may not be possible have jeopardized vaccine development and reinforced a decision by scientists at UCSF and affiliated laboratories to focus exclusively on treatments.”“Several recent studies conducted around the world indicate that the human body does not retain the antibodies that build up during infections. ”

Why would our body   retain  antibodies that have  only very specific receptors as that would be very stupid and problematic for us  if our immune system kept specialized antibodies circulating  without infection. Yet this is one of the many flawed premises of Big pharma’s for profit  vaccine industry .

I ended up sending a loved one (scientist in the  Covid Cult) questions and making  questions soft  and cuddly (accepting they believe in the germ theory). Using only quotes  from the accepted mainstream  “science” CDC NIB + big pharma sites 2020. What great examples of cognitive dissonance . They still responded as though I had attacked them  telling me  “Covid is real”  I can’t say “yes in your mind covid is real, a real  threat  just like the monster under the bed when you were child”.
I am going to try to string it together into a post( repeating some facts) as I am sure many are feeling like they are separated/distanced by loved ones religious belief in the covid media propaganda.


 So  why is Covid real  to them ? Simply because  the media told them it was real.  They heard on the news about  ” collapsing hospital infrastructure and people are dying from “Covid” in  high numbers ”  They  know it is “real” only from media propaganda( the lies about covid deaths) and the collective    hysteria, lowered immune system from prolonged stress and  intense fear,underlying health conditions , normal deaths of ill elderly, med treatment killing patients , AND the media suggested symptoms which  are known to be mimicked in cases of hysteria.(IE Its a total mental virus).
Honestly they  are really scared about a non-existent virus bogeyman.
” Good scientists admit when they are wrong”  well I guess we’ve got a lot of  really  “bad scientists”  as media spokespersons  .
Yeah the immune system( innate and adaptive) is very complex and not fully understood by science.But those behind the hoax  claim to know how it works when they clearly don’t.
1) People who test positive for corona antibodies are they immune or infected?

The antibody test is not meaningful for many reasons first is that  most people don’t even develop specific antibodies as their innate immune system clears pathogens out.“One of the major issues is that you only develop antibodies when your innate immune system can’t clear an infection.

I believe both the PCR test and the antibody test are meaningless to prove infection and disease ( the CDC’s PCR test states no to be used for the purpose and yet it was).”

Why would you have specific antibodies circulating  in blood without having an active infection?  Many who have tested positive in a corona  antibody test after a month do not have antibodies.
2. How then is a vaccine going to work if  they  found 85% people are not showing alleged “sars CoV”  antibodies months after infection?
If in 20yrs they could not develop a vaccine for “Sars Cov” what has changed to make this possible?
No meaningful or definitive tests.
An antibody test can’t determine whether you’re currently infected with the “Sars CoV” and have “covid” . Even the UN’s CDC org admits that.
“There’s currently not enough evidence to know how long these antibodies last or whether past infection with the virus protects you from getting another infection.”
“The correlation between a positive result for an antibody test and immunity is unproven. The mere presence of    antibodies does not equal immunity; researchers do not know yet how much antibody in a person is required to be protective, nor how long that protection might last. To make matters more complicated, some antibody tests have  reported to give false positive results at least half of the time. “
“The current antibody testing landscape is varied and clinically unverified,and these tests should not be used as the sole test for diagnostic decisions“( infectious disease society of America)
So its like the molecular test PCR in that  which the CDC say also can’t be used for diagnostic  purposes. And yet shockingly that is exactly what has and is still being done.
Its not scientific at all.
The boogeyman viruses (alleged) Sars CoV v  Sars Cov2
What they said .
In the Sars Cov 2002 fake pandemic the NIH declared a virus  to have a mortality rate of 11%( Vs 2019 2.6%) no ” quarantines” no global economy shut down, no mass hysteria, no  testing  . I find this unexplained and bizarre.No proof of cause of death or  “Sars CoV”.
No definitive set of symptoms specified as is needed for a diagnosis.
 I found his WHO quote interesting:   SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV) Nov 2002  pseudo pandemic to June 2003.
The  wide varying  set of symptoms already have an existing named disease to explain   primarily  Influenza – fungal  infection pneumonia and stress induced hypoxia  these are not new.
No individual symptom or cluster of symptoms has proved to be specific for a diagnosis of SARS.”( Because its not a real disease or from a virus)
Allegedly they say “both Sars CoV and Sars CoV2 ”  molecular same   nucleic acids  β-CoVs  Beta :  5′-leader-UTR-replicase-S (Spike)–E (Envelope)-M (Membrane)-N (Nucleocapsid)-3′UTRpoly (A) tail.  A PCR test does not check complete genome sequence, PCR test  only  tests for 100 nucleotides out of 30,000 (it randomly creates its own cap & tail).
Both the  same computer  generated genome. Just CG or virtual viruses.
Identical symptoms in illnesses seen same as  influenza like, fungal infections , bacterial infections, or  asymptomatic .
  It is noteworthy that almost 20 years after alleged “SARS”, there is still no vaccine for coronavirus. Vaccines that have been developed are not effective.
They still do not know if Sars CoV2( rna strand) is the cause of an alleged  new disease( covid) .”No individual symptom or cluster of symptoms has proved to be specific for a diagnosis of SARS.” So there is still no definitive new disease. Pneumonia has many many causes (mostly lung damage and fungal infections).
The ego mind controllers figures*: By their words the past corona viruses 2002 sars coV  and 2009 mers coV were more deadly and they did nothing and it mysteriously disappeared on its own in 8 months.(* I don’t believe their stats below    but if they believe it their actions  makes absolutely no sense). These are just their claims but their claims make no sense.They are false just as the covid19 is false.
SARS-CoV beta severe acute respiratory syndrome, 11% mortality rate
MERS-CoV beta severe acute respiratory syndrome, 34% mortality rate
SARS-CoV-2 beta severe acute respiratory syndrome, 2.6% mortality rate

Allegedly  Sars Cov2 has exactly the  same receptor site as Sars CoV  and so it cross reacts in molecular and the antibody tests.  Or is it  just the same string of   un-purified demonized rna ? .Same receptor binding site that enables cross-reactive binding between “SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV. ”

The Human Virome.
Why are the new theories about viruses from virologists   not adopted by mainstream science?
Healthy people  have ” corona virus”( rna) in our Virome , up our nasal passage,  so if tested by nasal swab PCR we would likely  test postive for corona virus rna  .
 we all do as we have trillions of rna-dna soup and molecules  in us called “viruses” (as what they dont understand in genetics they called junk ) in and on us you could be healthy but test postive in PCR for corona virus( if it is up your nasal passage)and negative in antibody or vice versa.

The description of the presumably healthy viral flora, i.e. the normal human virome, is still in its infancy . These so called viruses are present in humans with no disease and no symptoms.. In healthy humans no causal relationship between a specific  “virus” and  pathology was found.

“In science when a discovery is made that contradicts current understanding, scientists have the responsibility to attempt to refute the discovery beyond reasonable doubt. If unable to do so, the implications of the new discovery should be discussed in the scientific literature.

It brings need for debate  on the what has been in my opinion debunked 1861 Germ Theory that this is whole covid lie is based on .

*Please read if you have time Misconception called ” Virus” by Dr Stefan Lanka.

So in the political-pseudo-science-medical sphere of this unfounded media  belief in the Covid Hoax there are  more unanswered questions than answers.

Both PCR and antibody  tests are meaningless and inaccurate and they do not provide any  scientific proof of any new virus or new  disease at all.

And if the virus disease  pushers  say people do not have Sars CoV antibodies a month after allegedly being infected a vaccine can’t work for it.What are they doing then except a tyrannical global coup. Where the banksters are getting more wealthy and there is now a global govt operating  once in the shadow called the UN.

So lets manifest a different reality to the media consensus. And may we see that there is no monster (” covid”)  under the bed,  it is just a fear based belief  unscientific and unchallenged down under  in the egomind.


2 thoughts on “Psyop Covid update: More questions than answers.

  1. Danny Bruner says:

    A well put together article,as well as very interesting info. Thanx! I live in BC Canada Vancover Island. We have 0 people in our island hospitals,it has listed in the CDCBC site,that only 25 people were ever hospitalized(wtf!) The TV has people so freaked out some ware flippin masks in there cars. The hospitals were like ghost towns,they had cancelled all elective surgeries. The George Bush mantra is alive and well< your with us or against us,so if anyone says anything they are online! I have been looking at Pneumonia deaths to compare against covid.I could find up to date figures from the US which were saying loudly<Pneumonia for the time period of Feb1 -July 1/20 clearly Pneumonia was killing more children under 15yrs old as well as it is stated as killing more people then covid. In Canada the only figures I could find were from 2018 after that, no figures.I’m thinking they have lumped it in with covid symptoms and made for more cases. Here’s the U.S.> Data And here’s data for BC Canada which is were my island is The data says completly a different story then our media.

  2. Yes so much data fudging by the authorities its pure fraud. Many hospitals said to be overloaded were seen empty by witnesses .But drs and nurses are not going to breach their confidentiality agreement tell the public and loose their job and ” hero” status.
    No cases of pneumonia can be said to have been from Sars CoV2 as it is just a computer generated 30,000 nucleotide molecule .They would have first had to prove its existence and then prove that it alone caused a new disease ( covid) they have failed to do that.
    Its crazy that they keep on and on collecting false data based on a Big Lie and pushing it in peoples faces.

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