News amplifies unconsciousness.

What we read in msm and or social media is a distorted perceptive.

What is selected by the media conglomerate is  all dysfunctional behavior,   a political narrative that is believed by masses and  then creates further dysfunctional behaviors, fear  and thinking. People become taken over by these negative collective thought streams.

Further dysfunctional events follows.Collective insanity or a “regression” occurs.

History has many good examples of these (negative)political  fascist  collective thought streams( we have not learnt from). Marxism–Leninism–Maoism .Germany’s national socialism.

Right now following the  almost religious ” man made global warming” thought stream propagated by fake news  we are now deep in the “Covid” lie,  a  collective  thought stream. There is no new set of symptoms( no new disease) and yet news created  the collective psyop Covid a thought-stream- fear feeling in this world . News created panic and fear chaos ensued then  hate which comes from fear.

That is why it is important to not get taken over by all the ” news” .Many people are lost in social media where their ego (or self image) is more important to build up and hold in place than their actual life .They are lost in social media and have no or few interaction with other human beings except in this digital virtual unreality. Depending on ” good” external conditions or ego food  for your state in a world that is chaotic is not the way to go.

How can we help locally and globally ?

To focus on your personal sphere and to be as conscious/present/mindful in daily life so as to not bring more suffering into this world. To bring love into the world.

When you interact with others online try to bring light and non reactivity(not ego) into your all your interactions.

You are a co creator. Take responsibility for your life on the level of personal interactions.

Good pointer. Only this moment (or the Now) is real .

Those in the darkness orchestrating this chaos for their  desired NWO rely on you getting taken over  (and lost) by the negative thought streams and fear feelings they tell you to have in the news,  alt right  or social media programming .

Be in Peace.

Inner peace in a time of chaos.





4 thoughts on “News amplifies unconsciousness.

  1. Clare says:

    Thank you so much for this rational, succinct yet comprehensive assessment. Ending with wise and positive counsel!

    Your words and writing style here might just be what’s needed to get through to those who are not yet awake. They are repelled by lengthy, authentically-scientific articles, which are the norm.

    This piece would be great to distribute by leaflet…

  2. WhereWithal says:

    Just started following your blog and I have to say you point out so clearly the “dog chasing his tail” of becoming immersed in each development or news break announced. Soon, all you can feel is that chaotic drumbeat of negativity.

    I used to read Zerohedge first thing in the morning to see what had “happened” overnight that I needed to be aware of. Now, I’m trying to keep a copy of the Tao Te Ching nearby and reach for it instead when I have a few moments.

    We are definitely co-creators of what we call Reality. Shape it as you wish to experience it.

    • Yes its so easy to be swept away by the News (and its alt right woke blogs/msm tentacles). The Tao Te Ching is like a coffee for the heart, such a good idea.

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