corrupt govts, COVID19 operation

The shadow govt(UN) and national Govt’s have got Munchausen syndrome by proxy.

Scientifically there is no proof of a new disease called COVID that has been proven to exist that comes  from a new virus called Sars corona2. No new isolated virus, no testing for existing disease, conditions and  causes such as bacterial infections , failed  Koch postulates, meaningless PCR test that even say on them that they “can’t be used to determine disease” ,  no looking at viral loads in tissues with double blind studies, no autopsies. No new disease. Exactly the same scenario  as the flu season in a ill,  elderly stressed out (heavily prescribed) population.


Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) is a mental health problem in which  UN Nanny State makes up  an illness ( COVID)in  persons under his or her care. MSBP is a form of  abuse.

Munchausen syndrome is a factitious disorder, a mental disorder in which a person repeatedly and deliberately thinks  & acts as if he or she has a physical or mental illness when he or she is not really sick.


Sorry to have to say it but people are being  ignorant.

Time to wake up and die to all the fictitious ideas and  fictitious disease created by the ego mind’s munchausenism. Its a deep State that is mentally unwell.



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