Identity Politics

The banking Cabal’s  global shadow govt  exploits the fact that people do not know who they are.

From birth you are told by the world who you are. Your identity becomes   your skin color, a religion, a nation, a socioeconomic status,    a gender or a sexual preference etc. The sex of the body ( gender)has been changed by govts to mean what the mind wants to identify with, even if that means the opposite and people are encouraged to believe they are a gender.  All these mis-identifications  or   differences are used to divide us or set us at war with each other. With the govt new definition of gender  separate communities based on sexual preference were formed. A racist Govt has tried to make some people feel guilty to be white , as though  skin color is who one is  or a “privilege”. I know all this is not PC  and I don’t care as I am not PC and have became sick of the govts  divisive identity politics  which has propagated  and continued separatism and  racism. Its not the old statues that need pulling down its the false beliefs about who we are .  And we need to be present NOW not living in the  past .With human unconsciousness horrible things have been done in the past.  Women burned as witches, people openly  ” owned” and used as slaves,  million of people killed by other human beings under the concept of them being of a different nation .We were not conscious enough to recognize the wrongness of slavery and war   and still have much unconsciousness in the world eg sweatshops, still treat animals cruelly ,we still waste 50% food while people go hungry then worry about 3rd world media meme ” food insecurity”, bankers still have the taxpayers as debt slaves, corrupt corporate bankster  controlled govts, medicine for profit with  compassion and empathy trained out of Drs, we still have Crown corporations exploiting and damaging the planet.

But we can’t live in the past and need to heal .

Now more than ever we need to see our sameness that  we are all human beings. And we need to  understand what that means, we need to bring back  kindness, compassion and understanding that we have lost in our fear of otherness.


We need to  get onto an inner revolution to “know thyself” as the fact is we don’t know who we are beyond name and form means we are easily manipulated .We are operating as conditioned minds(egos), conditioned by our past . This little ego we are operating on is in a constant state of fear and desire. Our separation from our true SELF leads to desires and fears those that understand how the egoic human mind works can easily mind control the masses by using those fears and desires to program beliefs .We have been programmed to be  a planet of believers.People even believe the most silly things if the govt through the media get ” experts” to tell them it is so.


The only revolution we need is an inner one.
For how can we have peace on earth when we don’t have it as individuals?



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