Another Brick in the Wall.


The X (Blackwater)  incited riots staged in Minneapolis should be called the Floyd False Flag.
It was symbolic new bricks placed for the incited rioters to throw to destroy their own community . Nothing goes viral on the  censored internet or makes news except  what the internet controlling media monopoly allows. There is no proof any of what we were shown  was anything other than it is  a film with crisis actors.  Like all msm do you take it on faith ,  faith in the lies the  mind conditioning  propaganda? Its only alleged that the crisis actor is dead, everything is acted, filmed and presented as one big ad for the UN’s NWO. Military Police State much like China,  the model for the NWO’s  oppressive 2030 agenda.
This FF was to spread separatism memes( racism),fear, chaos, support for criminalizing of gatherings,  votes , support for military police state so these violent criminals don’t ” come to your suburb” .
Its very sad that all these fearful ignorant people acted out their fear & hate destroyed their own neighborhoods.https://www.wakingtimes.com/2020/06/05/doj-launches-investigation-as-more-evidence-emerges-that-someone-is-orchestrating-the-violent-riots/

Controlled Opposition Protests: Social Engineers Flick the Race Bait Switch

Floyd’s another brick in the NWO wall.
These are not peaceful genuine 60’s gathering of protests with love behind them they are violent fearful orchestrated X-shows.
Its a choice everyone has to make acting out of fear or love. Time to chose fear which creates tyranny and oppression or love.


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