corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, totalitarian, Tyranny

Busting up some of the current msm memes.

The media in both its controlled opposition ( faker astro turf leftys)and mainstream are putting the same old rancid ideas out . Trump, Russia, China, Biden,  the idea of so called “different political parties”,  democracy  and Capitalism.

There is no such thing as “Capitalism” an economic concept that doesn’t even exist so how can it be evil (or the cause of greed) .We have a banking cabal’s  economic monopoly its called Banksterism if an Ism or  concept is needed to define the economic structure of the world.These banksters loan private money they create from debt to all govts( corporations) thus controlling them.

Rothschild : Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws/ legislation/rules .

Puppets and the crumbled  Democracy Dogma

The cabal selects political candidates, runs the bias and unfair media campaign with its media conglomerates that is the election process  and chooses PM & Presidents   not the people . They are the banking cabal’s puppets as seen from the show as we see actions of not individual nations but globally unified govts( under banksters UN shadow govt).For who is it that under the psyop COVID19 that maintains power and creates wealth from increased ” COVID” debt but the Banksters and their corporations and institutions. Lets face it we all saw the failures of the systems in place,  the inhumanity of it all .There was a public uprising we were stirring in our sleep before the psyop criminalized peaceful protests, gatherings  and paralyzed people’s minds with fear.

Its now a time to choose fear or Love.

We do get to choose Love or fear.

And we co create this world.


“Love like there is no tomorrow. Stop thinking about what it means; start loving. If we did that, this world would be a different place today.”
— Prem Rawat

” You are not IN the are the universe- and intrinsic part of it.Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself” ET

If their important lesson were learnt the problems of this world, including the fascism, would not be.

Know thyself is the lesson.



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