corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, totalitarian, Tyranny

The UN’s push for a global mandatory vaccine .

Millions die each year  due to a lack of water and food  and yet the UN (the  cabal’s shadow govt) hasn’t pushed for “mandatory” clean water and food for every human being on the planet.

This is what is needed and these basic needs could have been met  if not for bankster’s govt’s funneling billions of dollars to developing vaccines, fictional “man made global warming” , invasions, bailouts to corporations,  banks and  funding conflicts.

The US H.R.6666 bill would allocate 100 billion annually  for fiscal year 2021 and any other subsequent fiscal years that are declared a  plunder-demic . So instead of  funding clean water and food $100 billion to enforce mandatory  testing for “an alleged  virus”.$660 Million was spent on 30+ Field Hospitals in the US , most didn’t have patients . . And the flow of money wasted in the name of covid19 goes on and on. BRICS  allocated $15 billion to the New Development Bank  so that it could  set up special loan instruments  for govts to borrow  ( *in the people’s names) to meet the costs of  responding to the  UN’s false flag “coronavirus plundemic”. Oh the banking cabal have plenty of funny money they use to  create their wealth…  but only  for what they want. The increased debt and borrowing  from the psyop COVID19 is making them even wealthier. So it seems govts can borrow any amount for tyranny but not for human needs.Where is all the money for food and water,  for what is   beneficial to humanity.


Link to Dr. Pascal Sacré questioning the insane priority of UN vaccination vs us being human beings).

I do not agree with pascal that there is any “new deadly disease called COVID19” caused by a new  “sars corona2 virus”.  As there is no evidence and the ( meaningless)CDC PCR tests state they cannot be used  to diagnose a disease. All elderly and ill people’s deaths   which were wrongly recorded as caused by COVID19 are just normal morbidity  numbers for winter season (having had their immune systems lowered by stress and fear). None being tested for influenza/multiple established respiratory diseases with exactly same symptoms.

But Pascal’s  is a good alternative narrative in a  time to look at what we want in this world vs the insanity that is going on.




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