corrupt govts, COVID19 operation, fascism, NWO, one multinational govt, totalitarian

“COVID19” the concept used in the war against the people.

The Govt using the  media created a  virus   bogeyman the Govt’s WMD (fear)and misinformation  in a war on the people. The “COVID19″  disease from a sars cov2 virus we take on hersay from the media and our govt. When both sources  are  known to be propagandists and pathological liars.

The Govts( taking direction from UN which is the  shadow govt) are using  a form of bio terrorism.  Have painted a media picture we are all assumed to be ” diseased, contaminated + sick ” and so should jail ourselves and surrender all our rights. As if we do not do what we are told we could ” kill” our loved ones and others by being free.  To want our freedom  we are  now said to be ” outside the tribe”  & are killers. They have made freedom a crime. Its quite the mind fu*k.

We are told to stop  uniting against  the oppressive corrupt economic and political systems that so  many were protesting before the economic destruction.  Told by govts globally  to unite  in a war against an  as yet scientifically unproven threat ( anon existent disease caused by an allegedly new Sars’Corona virus). Told to  narc on and turn against each other  in the  police state. To be our own and our  neighbors jailer.

A fearful panicked  mob was told “you are told you are safe” in your home prison   .

Being physically close to others and   being outside your home is now deemed  by govt to be unsafe  and anti-social behavior  .







One thought on ““COVID19” the concept used in the war against the people.

  1. Guillaumé says:

    I agree with just about everything you have written on this blog, regarding this virus.
    I am sick of hearing and using the words Covid, Corona and 19.

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