If the IMF can forgive/write off the odious debt…


The Ukraine’s $3 billion dollars in odious debt was “forgiven’ or “written off “. If the World bank can do this there is no need to make the people  fear an economic crash as all the odious debt can be forgiven. The bank has   been lending money to Ukraine despite the Fund’s “rules” stopping  it from lending money to countries with no visible chance of paying it back.

Since 1947  the World Bank has acted as a branch of the U.S. Defense Department. The World Bank  fund ISIS  and  they fund the wars while at the same time profiting off them.


Imagine a private family business (aka the Rothschild’s)  giving themselves alone the power to  create money  by lending it into existence  .Your nation could just as well create money from nothing without interest and then determine its own  policies, policies  that were not for the bankers( the ruling elite .01%)and their mega corporations  but for the people.

There is no such thing as a “fractional reserve” the private banks  create money from nothing,self regulate  they   use the govt (which is a Crown corporation) to take taxes by force from the ignorant debt slaves. The banking system is completely fictional and fraudulent. When the  govt(which is a corporation) cuts needed services to the people,  imposes “austerity” for the people   it is for the increased profit and control of the Crown banksters . The unnecessary public service cuts,  the    “economic crisis” are all conditions imposed by the money lenders. On top of just writing off billions in odious  debt,  trillions of dollars just disappear and yet  still  people believe the banking system is regulated or obeys rules.





http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-09/imf-just-entered-cold-war-forgives-ukraines-debt-russia Though I have a link to Zero Hedge story on the odious debt write off for the Ukraine I disagree with them that The Asian Development Bank( BRICS) is in competition with the IMF as they claim- for it is part of the same IMF,  World Bank system. The BRICS  was created to support the split, the idea of the ww3( “vs Russia + China”)  so more wealth can be created by the banking cartel for the banking cartel.


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