Putin and Obama: Washington’s joint bombing and the escalation in Syria.

The oligarchy’s media warmed up the cold war, West vs East. Putin is the media “hero’ , shirt off on a horse or speaking out against the west’s constant warring.The media has now told people that Russia’s co ordination with usa in its  occupation and bombing of Syria is somehow ‘ok’.  The  usa is evil (when they invade and bomb) and so using flawed logic Russia is good when it invades and bombs .Everyone is so caught up in good vs evil that they do not see clearly what is happening right under their noses in the name of  “good v evil”.

Meanwhile millions of Palestinian refugees and others flee Syria , chaos descends  and tension in the area increases. Putin, like Obama, serves the same bankster masters that profit off the wars.

Russia had invaded  and occupied Afghanistan before the usa.In 1979, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan inspired a mass jihadist call to arms from across the Muslim world to fight the non-Muslim invaders. So did the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.The Soviet–Afghan War lasted over nine years from December 1979 to February 1989.  Between 850,000–1.5 million civilians were killed and millions of Afghans fled the country as refugees, mostly to Iran and Pakistan .The usa started the gulf war 91 and then Afganistan in 2001, Assad supported the usa. Assad, like Hussein, is Washington’s man.

In this media story  there are said to be good terrorists and bad terrorists(?), the media  has restarted the cold war Russia vs USA .The usa could not be seen bombing the  (once bad but now good) terrorists they created and funded . Allegedly Russia are bombing ISIS (but there are reports that this may not be the case Russia has  bombed  non ISIS/ISIL) .Russia tells the usa where it is going to bomb an hour before,so  this is a coordinated attack a joint mission.

So the whole media show is a lie. What is happening is horrible, its a war not between Putin v Obama, not good v evil but a staged war of the Oligarchy v already poor refugees, the people of Syria.All talk of a victory is a lie.



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