The growing of hybrid astroturfs and the big fakers.

Astroturfers are most often highly paid  intel,  political operatives or industry minions , who act at the behest of an organization with a stake in the outcome . Most astroturf campaigns are not discovered and/or discredited until long after the campaign is over.  So many hybrid astroturfs today are  now are not just fake org with fake personas( actors)but controlled opposition movements that recruit and manage real activists & protesters. The majority of the org underlings   are unaware of the hidden agenda .  These  organisations  are used widely by many of the Crown’s corporations in order to control the opposition.These org also  mean any political meme they want gets a made up grassroot movement to support and grow it.

To use a astroturf movement that has not yet been discovered I will use the example of the ICPPC (International Coalition to “Protect the Polish Countryside” ) . This movement was to used control the large number of Polish farmers uprising, move them into the EU (which eliminated the Polish GMO ban)under the  UN’s “environmental program”  and  take the farmers  land(planned in 2016). Its a corporate  manipulation. Simple Polish peasants   do not investigate  or took at he directors backgrounds or who they really are working for ( the UN/NWO).The ICPPC directors,  with a   UN “environmental program”   first helped align the Polish farmers to move into  the EU ( a UN  & EU agenda enterprise of ‘ecotourism’),  joining the EU  meant they  lost the Polish   GMO seed ban. The ICPPC   make sure the Polish peasant farmers  do not learn about or  protest the TPPA .The  directed  fake “grass roots movement ” ICPPC ensures the controlled takeover of the small traditional Polish farmers by big agri business  and taking  of their land which is planed in 2016 . The ICPPC  organizes and controls the way the farmers protest, provides intel on  activists,  manages the activists and protest  actions,does  PR  and forms the farmers political demands. For example asking the govt for only one type of GMO corn seed to be banned. The outcome of the ICPPC is the once GMO free Poland is now  rolling in GMO grains.

Directors of the ICPPC are Sir Julian Rose and partner  and NWO goldman prizewinner Jadwiga Lopata. ( ‘Baronet  Sir Rose in his spare time  also enjoys spying  on unwitting environmental activists by holding the activist meetings at his  UK estate “Toad Hall”‘). ICPPC  CV  http://www.unep.org/women_env/w_details.asp?w_id=399     http://www.goldmanprize.org/recipient/jadwiga-lopata/     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Rose

Astroturf  or fake org are certainly on the rise in a world where everything has been politicized .  The prototypes of the  faker  organisations have been operating in govt’s for a very long time. Motor vehicle licensing and registration  operating to  get people to give up their right to travel in a private capacity in favor of being licensed (regulated) by the state -what was a right is now been made a privilege that you pay for. The govt  works for the banking cabal interest and not the peoples, it sets up many dept’s  and committees just  to take the people’s public assets  and money, the govt are big fakers.

Greenpeace org are another  good example of an org that has the highest political agenda behind its every move and it actually has done nothing for the environment . Real (formed and named) grass root movements are easily infiltrated, broken apart  and taken over by those in power.The black goo of ‘artificial intelligence’ has  taken over the grass root movements that would seek to free humanity, end environmental destruction, wars and poverty creation by the banking cabals resource control and debt slavery program.The fake or artificial taking over the real.

In summary   as   puts it …everything is fake!



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